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Peloponnese • touring and road map 1:200.000

Peloponnese • touring and road map 1:200.000

Road and touring map of the Peloponnese in scale 1:200 000, on the map find suggestions for 10 top nature destinations.

Planning a road trip in the Peloponnese? This is the map to take with you.

It shows all road categories, to the last dirt road. Every settlement, stating their original name, when known. 

Plenty of archaeological sites published for the first time on a map. Beaches, camping, marinas, mountain refuges and the course of the E4 and the major national paths 31, 32 and 33. 

Map correction in East Peloponnese road network. 

Touring ideas in the Peloponnese: 

Discover the region of Messinia at the southwest of the Peloponnese

Touring in Messinia 

Touring in Voidokilia - Palaiokastro 

Discover Mani, the middle leg of the Peloponnese

The cobble stone path of Biliovo in Exo Mani 

Touring in Mani - Cape Tainaro 

Hike in Neda gorge - Figalia area 

Discover the area of Arcadia 

Hiking ideas in Mainalo 

Hiking in Lousios Canyon

Discover the area of Achaia 

Hiking in Vouraikos Canyon in Chelmos

Discover the area of Korinthos and Argolida

Touring in Lake Stymphalia 

Touring in Methana 

Map reference code R2
Publication date 2019
Scale 1:200.000
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