Athens - Voidokoilia 290 km (via Kalamata - Messina)
One of the most fascinating places of the Peloponnese is north of Pylos and the historic bay of Navarino.

A sand dune separates Voidokilia separates from the Gialova lagoon. The wetland Divari or Gialova (Yalova), a place of paramount importance for birds.

Gialova is one of the most important ornithological areas in the Peloponnese, and is an ideal place for bird watching. Follow the specially designed "Nature Trail" to learn about the important ecosystems found in the lagoon.

Towards the sea the golden strip of sand and dunes forms the perfectly semi circular beach of Voidokilia. 

On the south side there is a rocky promontory crowned by the old castle of Navarino or Paliokastro. Two paths climb to the castle, one from the south leading to the main gate and one from the north entering the fortress from a hole in the wall after passing by the cave of Nestor.