Visit Voidokilia Beach (Βοϊδοκοιλιά), is a beach in the shape of the letter omega (Ω). The sand form a semicircular strip of dunes, on the land-facing side of the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat. 

Right above Voidokilia, visit Paliokastro or the Old Navarino castle is a 13th-century Frankish fortress near Pylos. It is one of two castles guarding the strategic bay of Navarino the other is the Ottoman-built New Navarino fortress above Pylos.

Visit the temple of Apollo in Vasses or Bassae, it is one of the best-preserved mid- to late-5th century BC Temples in Greece, was the first Greek site to be inscribed on the World Heritage List because of some unique features, the beauty of its stone and the harmony of its construction. 


Visit the island of Sapientza or Sapienza is off the southern coast Methóni. Sapieza is part of the Oinousses archipelago. Take the boat in Methoni and walk the trails on the uninhabited island of Sapienza where only wild goats (mouflon) and phaesents, live.


Visit Polylimnio. Polylimnio literally means many lakes, follow the trail along waterfalls and pools, walk next to the stream to Kadi waterfall, and swim in the pool below.