250 km from Athens (via Tripoli)

The springs of Neda gush from the rocks between the villages of Kakaletri and Petra in mountainous Messinia, on Mount Lykaio.

The best time to spend the whole day crossing the gorge is late summer to early autumn. The water is less and it is easier to walk in the river or swim a little, in the deeper parts of the river.

The river Neda fows through a beautiful gorge with spectacular waterfalls that form small ponds with crystal clear waters. In the village of Figaleia built on the site of the ancient Arcadian city of the same name, οne can visit the temple of Athena and Zeus Saviour.

Two paths descend from the village to the river which can be combined into a circular route by crossing a section of the gorge. To be seen is also the temple of Apollo at Bassai 10 km northeast of Figaleia.