What makes a footpath unforgetable? 

Is it the glimpses of a panoramic view? Is it the mountain that hosts it? Is it the destination? It might even be the beauty of the path itself?

The Biliove cobblestone path has it all. It is perhaps the most well-preserved stone-built path in Messinia, connecting the settlements of Sotirianika and Altomira.

The turns of the path follow the steep ravine, to reach the mountainous Altomira.

The Altomirian craftsmen who made  the path have also built the ornate stone houses of the settlement.

It starts from Sotirianika on asphalt road, then continues on a cement road and a simple dirt road.

The path is steep and was made the old way using the dry stone method. The first stones were laid in 1904 and the work was finished in 1924. To make the steep hill more accessible especially for animals the path zig zags 83 times to climb the 500 meters up to Altomira. And as you reach Altomira right above your head rises Taygetos mountain range.

Along the way, you'll just have to turn your head around to enjoy a panoramic view to the bay of Kalamata.