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01 Jan Map of Greece for Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Anavasi created the map for Greece for the Greek National Tourism Organisation. This map is available on, the official tourism web sit..
01 Jan Map of Athina, Attiki and Piraeus for Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Anavasi created the free map for Athens, Attiki and Piraeus for the Greek National Tourism Organisation. This map is available on, the..
01 Jan Mount Ziria
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  To the west of Corinth, there is the mountain Ziria (alternative spellings Ziria or Ziria or Ziria, or Tziria or Ziria) and the ancient name is Kyl..
01 Jan Book presentation for Χωρίς Ίχνη (No footprint) (book in Greek) by from George Voutyropoulos
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I had the privilege of meeting Christos and accompanying him for a while in the most creative period of his life, in the late 80's. He was my mountain..
01 Jan Custom-made maps for EUROPA PROFIL
anavasi 0 72
  Anavasi made custom-made made maps for EUROPA PROFIL strategic planning in Attiki, Evia and Central Greece.       (function($) {..
01 Jan Basic Orientation Skills seminar
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Orientation is the determination of a position or direction with respect to points on the horizon. Most of us, addicted to GPS in the urban environme..
01 Jan Anavasi photolibrary of landscape photography
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  Landscape photography is the art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that allow a new perspective and understanding to be exp..
01 Jan Recording Tracks with Avenza maps
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Within Avenza Maps users have the ability to record their tracks through the use of GPS.  Please note that in order to use the Record GPS Tracks featu..
01 Jan Cycling map for Messinia
anavasi 0 67
  Anavasi created and printed this cycling map for Navarino Outdoors. The cycling map of Messinia on a scale of 1:95 000 illustrates 12 cycling view..
01 Jan Cartographic partner of Navarino Outdoors
anavasi 0 65
  Anavasi is Navarino Outdoors’ cartographic partner and oour project was a cycling map for Messinia. Navarino outdoor is the company inside Costa N..
01 Jan Cartographic partner of the Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park
anavasi 0 57
  Anavasi is the cartographic partner of Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park and has created maps for the park in scale 1:100 000 and 1:25 000. ..
18 Dec Explorers' routes on Antique globes
anavasi 0 538
World maps took their final form after the travels of explorers in the 15th century. In the early 15th century, Europeans had a good geographical kno..
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