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12 Jul Cooperation with the Hellenic Fire Service
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Anavasi, with its application Anavasi mapp, supports the Hellenic Fire Service, the rescue teams (EMAK) and its coordination center (ESKEDIK), in the ..
09 Jul Culture Trails Spetses
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The "Culture Trails" project of the Elliniki Etairia – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, is implemented in Spetses in collaboration w..
02 Jun Path signs for the paths of Anafi by Anavasi
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A few months ago we walked all the paths of Anafi and evaluated the condition of passability, we marked the positions of the signs, we designed and co..
30 May Saturday 04/06/2022 20:00  Presentation of Poems by Aggelos Kouros “I swear to you on the mountain, I have no holier oath”
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Angelos Kouros’ “I swear to you on the mountain, I have no holier oath” is a poetic narration of an exodus from the city to the mountains – a narratio..
11 May Sithonia Trails network path signs and Map
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Sithonia Trails network path signs and Map For the Sithonia Trails (hiking group of Neos Marmaras), an active women's group, Anavasi undertook all th..
10 May Signs with maps for activities in the Municipality of Konitsa, in Epirus
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Signs with maps for activities in the Municipality of Konitsa, in Epirus The Municipality of Konitsa placed 5 signs with maps depicting the area of ​..
10 May New ANAVASI maps for 2022
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We have been busy this Spring at Anavasi, reprinting and updating maps. We made a new map for Greece: The Adventure Map of Greece, this map is the ult..
10 May Presentation of the new hiking map of Aegina
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Presentation for Walking Tourism in Aegina On the occasion of the publication of our new hiking map for Aegina that was made in collaboration with th..
08 May GNTO Map of Greece 2022
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GNTO Map of Greece 2022 GNTO has as its main mission the organization, development and promotion of tourism in Greece by utilizing all the possibilit..
17 Dec Map boxes for hiking in Greek Mountains and Ski touring
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  Plan your next trip with the Anavasi map boxes. Anavasi maps are the best guide for the discovery of α region, through 4 or 5 maps, with its selec..
26 Oct Anavasi map for Teihio for Tihiorace
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  The 4 footpaths are presented in this 1:28 000 for the area around Tihio in scale 1:28 000. Anavasi made a map for the Tihiorace Paths brochure sh..
21 Oct Parnitha Orienteering map for Trekking Hellas
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In the background of our new map of Parnitha at a scale of 1:10 000 we designed in collaboration with Trekking Hellas a map adapted for the Orienteeri..
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