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25 Oct Hiking in Southern Pelion
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South Pelion is famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and green landscapes. However, another reason why one should visit Pelion is th..
18 Oct Pelion: Discover the Land of Centaurs
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Pelion is one of the charming parts of Greece, with beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages and rich history. It is a peninsula that separates the ..
16 Oct Agrafa, A Sea of mountains
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Agrafa is a sea of ​​rugged and inhospitable mountains that captivate the viewer and move the climber. Agrafa spreads on the borders of the prefecture..
14 Oct Mapping the island of Samos in Cooperation with University of Bordeaux
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The publishing company Anavasi, in cooperation with the Department of Spatial Planning for the Sciences of Landscape Enhancement and Communication, of..
14 Sep
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The book Alpine Climbing in Greece includes a selection of the most interesting alpine climbs on the most important vertical slopes of our mountains. ..
13 Sep Cycling as a 'matter of life and death' ( article about a book in Greek)
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PAUL BAILEY: Epic moments of cycling, foreword: Yannis Tamouridis, published by Anavasi, p. 137 "It doesn't matter to me whether it's raining or sunn..
07 Sep Adventure Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Outdoor activities in Greece are now widespread and varied. Anavasi created new maps for the Greek National Tourism Organisation with the activities i..
07 Sep Culture Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Greece is an inexhaustible source of art and culture. Every museum, archaeological site and ancient theater are included in the maps of Greek National..
07 Sep Gastronomy Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Find the varieties of olive, cheese as well as the products of the greek land with the protected designation of origin, in the maps made by Anavasi fo..
07 Sep Wine Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Anavasi created new maps for the Greek National Tourism Organisation with PDO and PGI wine varieties and the main grape types in Greece. The first map..
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The main mission of Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) is to organize, develop and promote Greek tourism by exploiting country's potential. An..
12 Jul Cooperation with the Hellenic Fire Service
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Anavasi, with its application Anavasi mapp, supports the Hellenic Fire Service, the rescue teams (EMAK) and its coordination center (ESKEDIK), in the ..
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