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01 Jan Recording Tracks with Avenza maps
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Within Avenza Maps users have the ability to record their tracks through the use of GPS.  Please note that in order to use the Record GPS Tracks featu..
01 Jan Mapping for the project Tabula Imperii Romanii
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  Under the auspices of the UAI (Union académique internationale – or International Academic Union), an effort to create a database and geolocalize t..
01 Jan Cycling map for Messinia
anavasi 0 824
  Anavasi created and printed this cycling map for Navarino Outdoors. The cycling map of Messinia on a scale of 1:95 000 illustrates 12 cycling view..
01 Jan Cartographic partner of Navarino Outdoors
anavasi 0 457
  Anavasi is Navarino Outdoors’ cartographic partner and oour project was a cycling map for Messinia. Navarino outdoor is the company inside Costa N..
01 Jan Cartographic partner of the Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park
anavasi 0 379
  Anavasi is the cartographic partner of Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park and has created maps for the park in scale 1:100 000 and 1:25 000. ..
17 Dec Hiking Route 1: Chora - Roukounas
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  The route is mainly coastal, crossing the southern part of the island and provides direct access to the following beaches: Katsouni, Flamourou, Mik..
13 Dec Anavasi new opening hours and modus operandi
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Anavasi travel bookstore reopens on January 18th. The opening hours are 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.  You can come without an appointment by sending an SMS t..
11 Dec No footprint, new book by Christos Lambris
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"No footprints" is the narration of a life full of adventures in the mountains of Greece and the world, in deserts and glaciers, which he gives us as..
11 Dec People, landscapes and birds of prey in the forest of Dadia
anavasi 0 1002
People, landscapes and birds of prey in the forest of Dadia    The natural wealth of the forest of Dadia, but also the inextricable links between th..
10 Dec Parnassos, mountain of myths and history
anavasi 0 917
  National Park since 1938, the second oldest after Olympus, Parnassos has many faces. Its proximity to the capital and the variety of activities it ..
01 Dec Explorers' routes on Antique globes
anavasi 0 1843
World maps took their final form after the travels of explorers in the 15th century. In the early 15th century, Europeans had a good geographical kno..
14 Nov Ανάσες στη Ρεματιά Χαλανδρίου
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