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12 Jul Cooperation with the Hellenic Fire Service
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Anavasi, with its application Anavasi mapp, supports the Hellenic Fire Service, the rescue teams (EMAK) and its coordination center (ESKEDIK), in the ..
23 Mar Better resolution on the maps of Anavasi mapp
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Better resolution in Anavasi mapp       The online application for Anavasi maps (anavasi mapp) has been available and known to the public for a lo..
01 Jan Recording Tracks with Avenza maps
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Within Avenza Maps users have the ability to record their tracks through the use of GPS.  Please note that in order to use the Record GPS Tracks featu..
06 Jun Adding Anavasi maps in Oziexplorer
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Oziexplorer was one of the first GPS Mapping Softwares, since 1996. Oziexplorer runs on your PC or laptop and connect with most GPS receivers for real..
27 May Crete in scale 1:50 000 inside Avenza pdf maps app
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Map of Crete in scale 1:50 000 is available in Avenza pdf maps.Plan you adventures in Crete to go hiking, canyoning, climbing, swimming on beautiful b..
22 May Anavasi Mapp - Anavasi's map app
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  Anavasi mapp - Android mobile app     The Anavasi mapp app is a dynamic viewer for Anavasi Maps with selected suggested internet connection-..
20 May Anavasi maps in Avenza maps app
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Anavasi maps in Avenza Maps App Avenza Maps has navigation and mapping features that help you plan and enjoy outdoor adventures in remote areas, ev..
11 May Anavasi maps in ViewRanger app
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Anavasi maps in ViewRanger app  All Anavasi Maps are available in the ViewRanger App.  ViewRanger is an easy to use app available for iOS and Android...
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