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07 Sep Adventure Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Outdoor activities in Greece are now widespread and varied. Anavasi created new maps for the Greek National Tourism Organisation with the activities i..
07 Sep Culture Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Greece is an inexhaustible source of art and culture. Every museum, archaeological site and ancient theater are included in the maps of Greek National..
07 Sep Gastronomy Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Find the varieties of olive, cheese as well as the products of the greek land with the protected designation of origin, in the maps made by Anavasi fo..
07 Sep Wine Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Anavasi created new maps for the Greek National Tourism Organisation with PDO and PGI wine varieties and the main grape types in Greece. The first map..
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The main mission of Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) is to organize, develop and promote Greek tourism by exploiting country's potential. An..
11 Aug Lonely Planet's Top Greek islands for hiking
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Top islands for hiking according to Lonely Planet  Crete: Samaria Gorge is one of Europe’s most popular hikes, with myriad wildflowers and endangered..
01 Jun Cretan geography and overview
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Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is the southernmost of G..
11 Mar Skala Vradetou in Zagori
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In the northwest of mainland Greece, the Zagorohoria’s 46 traditional villages are tucked in a mountainous area in the north of the Pindos range.Befor..
09 Mar The best way to discover Anafi is by hiking on its trails with the Anavasi map
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  After a long ferry trip, you will reach Anafi, a small island (38 km²), at the southeastern end of the Cycladic archipelago. This geographic isolat..
07 Mar Kithaironas, a mountain range of Attiko-Boeotia
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Just a few meters lower than Parnitha (1407 m), Kithaironas is a mountain range of Attiko-Boeotia, between Mount Patera, the Geraneia Mountains, and P..
07 Mar Agrafa, A Sea of mountains
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Agrafa is a sea of inaccessible and inhospitable mountains that captivate the viewer and move the climber. Agrafa is a beautiful mountainchain in for..
04 Mar Crossing Taygetos by a cart-wheel, by G.A. Pikoulas
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  In Anavasi’s new guide and 1:25 000 map of Taygetos that will be released at the end of March, Yanis A. Pikoulas, Professor of Ancient Greek Histor..
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