The route starts from the ancient and medieval port of Drios and crosses the settlement. Continuing for a while on the road Marpissa-Agkaria and
then on a secondary rural road, it enters a path following a north direction.
For quite some time the course moves parallel to the ravine of Kavouropotamos. Small olive groves
are in the background as the hiker now walks on a wide cobblestone road with interesting
features, remnant of the old mule road of Lefkon-Aspros Chorio-Drios. It is in the
area of ​​Lagada, where the scattered remains of the homonymous rural
The route ascends to the mountainous mass of Vounala, meeting in its path the picturesque chapel
of Agios Nikolaos. Reaching the highest point of Vounala, the view to the chapel of the Saints
Akindynon and the area of ​​Lagada is unique. Scattered old farm plants
(farmhouses, stables, threshing floors, etc.) form here authentic samples of the traditional outdoor
architecture of the island.
Now descending with a view of Lefkes, the hiker reaches a small valley with a well and trees
vegetation that offers the coveted shade. A landscape of terraces,
mainly vineyards and small fields with fruits and vegetables.
Branches of the route lead to the chapels of Agios Georgios and Agios Tryfonas.
Approaching Lefkes, the trail intersects repeatedly with rural roads and is
in places paved.
The route ends at the central square of Lefki, the most important traditional settlement
of the Parian hinterland.