Τhe hinterland of Paros and its coastline are really worth discovering by foot. Most hiking routes run make use of quiet dirt roads and small sections of trails. The trail network takes you through an unexpected landscape of small stone sustainable farm houses,  windmills, watermills, wheel wells, wells, cisterns, threshing floors, and pigeon houses. Most of the paths are organized and well marked, others are old paths. Open your Anavasi map to Paros and start planning. 

Top 3 hiking routes in Paros:

The most famous and remarkable hiking route is the "Byzantine path" a well-preserved cobblestone road that connects Lefkes with Prodromos. Recently, parts of the continuation of the path from Lefkes to Parikia via Marathi were cleaned and marked - on the way you will find a Byzantine stone bridge. The route aspires to resurrect the old central axis of the island that connects Paroikia with the most important mountain settlement of the island. The route starts from Elitas and goes to Lefkes through the plain of Marathi and Kostos revealing a rural Paros, with fields of cultures and fruit-laden olive trees. The marking is a bit sparse at the beginning of the route, but becomes more frequent towards Lefkes.

A pleasant coastal small hike can be made from Livadi beach in the bay of Parikia to the chapel of Agios Fokas, in the homonymous cape. You can walk  in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset from the shore of Agios Fokas.

The most organized area for hiking is the peninsula of Ai Giannis  Detis, in the gulf of Naoussa. In this area characterized Environmental and Cultural Park 3 footpaths have been created and 4 paths connecting them.

Other routes:

Hiking in Paros footpath 1 from Paroikia to Prodromos

Hiking in Paros Footpath 2 from Dryos to Lefkes

Hiking in Paros footpath 3 from Moni Logovardas to Lefkes

Hiking in Paros footpath 4 from Agkairia to Lefkes


Hiking in Paros around the area of:



Environmental Park of Paros 

Aliki – Agkairia