Continuing its work in 2023, Anavasi proceeded to reissue 6 maps. The new editions contain new routes traversed by Anavasi hikers in the Greek mountains and islands. Pelion, Olympus, Naxos, Tinos Giona & Vardousia and Samaria are the 6 maps reissued in the first quarter of 2023.


  Mt. Olympus 1:30.000 & 1:10.000

The new version of Olympus doesn't show big differences compared to the previous one. It includes 20 recommended routes that cross the highest mountain of Greece from one end to the other. A map like no other: one side covers the whole mountain in scale 1:30 000 giving an overview of all the paths crossing the mountain and all access points. The other side is a 1:10 000 close-up to the summits and advanced refuges.This new and updated edition is by far the most comprehensive map of the renowed mythic mountain. It covers the entire massif in great detail (20m contours, all the paths, springs, refuges etc). On the reverse side there are detailed information about the footpaths with their waymarking and the course of E4 and O2 and info about all the refuges. On this new edition of Olympus map find suggested mountain ski routes  by Lazaros Botellis. 

Printed on waterproof Polyart paper.


  Naxos 1:40.000 & 1:10.000

 On the new map of Naxos, the Byzantine park of Tragaia with all the Byzantine churches and towers is depicted for the first time in detail, in 1:10,000 scale. This side of the map also covers on the same scale the valley of Potamia, the wonderful valley of the Temple of Dimitra and the Tower of Bazaios, the area of ​​Kouri and the Sanctuary of the Springs that extends to Filoti, Aperathos and the top of Za .

 The map includes suggested hiking routes as well as all the important points of the island. Sights, churches, castles, beaches, settlements, springs, streams, etc. are included in the new version with maximum accuracy.


  Tinos 1:25.000 & 1:15.000


Tinos island landscape is like a hand made embroidery. Rural huts, dovecotes, churches, terraces and villages are woven into a net of trails. The new map of Tinos offers a guided tour to the island's man made countryside through a dozen of hiking routes. After several editions of the map and over 450 km of recorded trails, we upgraded the depiction of the island by enlarging the area with the densest network of trails at the scale of 1:15 000


  Samaria – Sougia – Palaiochora 1:30.000

The entire course of the Samaria gorge, the ascent of Mt Gigilos and Volakias, the traverse from Aghia Roumeli to Soughia (a beautiful and serious route) as well as other interesting routes are presented with detailed comments and useful information on the back side. Many paths have been added. 

The map is printed on waterproof and durable Polyart paper. The map is printed on waterproof and durable Polyart paper



 Pelion 1:45.000


The hiking map of Pilio - Mavrovouni in scale 1:45 000 covers the whole Pilion peninsula and Mt Mavrovouni a natural continuation of Mt Pelion to the north. Twenty highlighted hiking routes among dozens of recorded footpaths are proposed.The mountainous Pelion peninsula is gifted with abundant forests, waters, fruit trees, stone-paved trails, excellent beaches and plenty of traditional villages. 


 Giona & Vardousia 1:25.000


In the first quarter of 2023, the map for Giona and the Vardousia mountains was also reissued. The map has the same scale as the previous version, however it shows 10 suggested routes for Vardousia and 17 for Giona.

These include the paths of Bekos and Karagiannis as well as the crossing of the Vardousia ridge.


Soon, the new updated Maps of Zagori and Agrafa would be released