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11 May Sithonia Trails network path signs and Map
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Sithonia Trails network path signs and Map For the Sithonia Trails (hiking group of Neos Marmaras), an active women's group, Anavasi undertook all th..
20 Oct Signposts for Minagiotiko trail
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Collaboration with the Municipality of Pylos - Nestoros for the mapping of the Minagiotiko path that connects the settlement of Kato Ampelokipi with F..
25 Aug Hiking in Epirus
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Hiking in Epirus Epirus is probably the best destination in Greece for those who love wild natural beauty. Countless mountains, dense forests and pic..
06 Jun Hiking in Greece
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The mountainous terrain of Greece makes it a paradise for hiking. The most popular routes are now well marked, such as the Menalon Trail and Andros Ro..
20 Mar The Ε4-trail in Greece
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The European path E4 in Greece.  The E4 or European Long Distance Path - 4 is one of the 12 paths that cross Europe in all lengths and breadths in or..
01 Jan Recording Tracks with Avenza maps
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Within Avenza Maps users have the ability to record their tracks through the use of GPS.  Please note that in order to use the Record GPS Tracks featu..
07 May Ikaria Hiking trails
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Hiking trails 1. Halaris - Nas A marked route with many branches and alternatives in the gorge of river Chalari, a natural reserve of great importanc..
30 Apr Anavasi maps featuring trail running
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article in Greek ..
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