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16 Nov New cover cases for the maps of Anavasi
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We removed non-recyclable plastic and replaced the old plastic case with a non-laminated cardboard case. No matter how much we are used to or comfort..
15 Apr New Updated Maps 2023
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Continuing its work in 2023, Anavasi proceeded to reissue 6 maps. The new editions contain new routes traversed by Anavasi hikers in the Greek mountai..
10 May New ANAVASI maps for 2022
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We have been busy this Spring at Anavasi, reprinting and updating maps. We made a new map for Greece: The Adventure Map of Greece, this map is the ult..
25 Mar Just published: new scratch wall maps
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New scratch maps     Anavasi loves maps. Both in our online and in our physical store you will find many different wall maps to decorate your space..
23 Mar Better resolution on the maps of Anavasi mapp
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Better resolution in Anavasi mapp       The online application for Anavasi maps (anavasi mapp) has been available and known to the public for a lo..
06 Mar Taygetos hiking guide and map 1:25 000
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We are preparing the new version of Taygetos ... but a surprise is waiting for you! It will not be a just a map, it will be a hiking guide AND a map...
01 Jan Maps for the streams of Penteli  Chalandri
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  Anavasi created two very detailed maps for the Association for the Protection of the Environment of the stream of Penteli and Chalandri who are dis..
01 Jan Custom-made maps for EUROPA PROFIL
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  Anavasi made custom-made made maps for EUROPA PROFIL strategic planning in Attiki, Evia and Central Greece.       (function($) {..
01 Jan Recording Tracks with Avenza maps
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Within Avenza Maps users have the ability to record their tracks through the use of GPS.  Please note that in order to use the Record GPS Tracks featu..
01 Jan Cartographic partner of Navarino Outdoors
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  Anavasi is Navarino Outdoors’ cartographic partner and oour project was a cycling map for Messinia. Navarino outdoor is the company inside Costa N..
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