Anavasi is the mapping company for mountainous and island Greece. With over 100 hiking maps and guides. It is an aid for the promotion of hiking in Greece with a multitude of partnerships.

Continuing its work vigorously, Anavasi proceeded to publish new maps and books in 2023 as well. The new editions, after on-site recordings and field work, include updated information needed by the hiker. New routes that cover all levels of difficulty, enabling everyone to get close to nature. 

In addition to the hiking maps, Anavasi also launched new book titles in 2023. Zagori – Place and Hikes by Ms. Penelope Matsouka was the most popular with several sales. The book includes 39 hiking routes in the Zagori area with various photographic material and detailed maps. In November 2023, the book was released translated into English under the title “My Zagori – Hikes & Explore”. In addition, the Poetic Atlas of the Mountains of Greece (Atlas Poetique du Montagnes Grecques) by Sylvain Guyot as well as A Life Beyond (Μια Ζωή στην Απέξω) by Sylvain Tesson was released in French.

New Editions of 2023

Anavasi Mapp: The Offline App with Digital Maps

Anavasi Mapp is the ideal tool for mountain trekking or even road trip. By downloading the application, the user can select the map of his choice and use it offline on his trip.

Anavasi mapp is a simple and easy to use application.
It accurately shows our position on the map WITHOUT needing internet or mobile data, Works OFF Line.

Over 120 maps are found inside the app

Maps are grouped geographically. Open the group you are interested in and select the map you want.
Buy it easily through the application, by simply pressing "Buy". In the application, the user can zoom in and out on the map and locate his location by activating the GPS on the mobile, in addition, he can change the background of the map to a satellite one.

Within each map are suggested routes with text and photos. Each route has one of four colors: green for easy, blue for moderate, red for difficult and black for demanding. The user has the ability to add points to the map with photos and their own information, such as where they left their car.

In addition, find Anavasi maps located within the Outdooractive and Avenza pdf maps applications.

We replaced the old plastic cases with the paper

Sensitized by the challenges that the Greek landscape constantly receives, Anavasi proceeded to create a paper - instead of plastic - case for the maps. The new case eliminates plastic, is made from paper, which is recycled, and more environmentally friendly.

Cooperation with the Regional Unit of Evrytania and the creation of Evrytania App

Anavasi in collaboration with local hiking groups and the Regional Unit of Evrytania created an application with 50 recommended hiking routes. The routes are displayed on the background of a road and hiking map at a scale of 1:50 000, as well as a detailed presentation of the hiking routes with photos and videos. At the same time he designed 2 maps, a road and tour map and a hiking map for the entire network of paths.


Atlas Poetique du Montagnes Grecques

It is an original atlas that talks about the mountains of Greece. The introduction presents mountainous Greece through 10 unexpected maps. It is a new form of geographical approach to space, called Emotional Geography. It is the understanding of space in an experiential and empirical way. The author records the first stages of appropriation, the first feelings upon discovery, the first impressions, the first images. The tools are the text and photos, the map that highlights the route followed and artworks that depict the dominant color.

Each route on a mountain is complemented by the impressions of the family members who make the route with the author, giving a polyphonic dimension to the book. Geography, cartography, history, mythology and portraits of the people of the Greek mountains are the main themes of the emotional approach, building the background for a more complete journey to the place.

Collaboration with Forest Fire Fighters

Anavasi participated in the training for map reading and especially the relief for orientation and locating the position. The map is an irreplaceable tool for fieldwork and has multiple uses: orientation, planning and coordination. It can also be used in multiple formats, print or digital, within an application. In the field, Anavasi training involved interpreting and recording data from potential risk points or key data during the fire so that all necessary data could be stored.

Geographical organization of data allows critical information to be communicated and transferred. During an incident they can be transferred to the Fire Coordinator (Field Commander) and he has in his hands a key tool to best plan the next operations in the Forest Fire incident.

Anavasi organized and implemented a pilot program to create a group of Observers. The purpose of this group is to provide all the necessary cartographic data from field records so that the Fire Coordinator (Field Commander) has a key tool in his hands to best plan the next operations in the event of a forest fire.

During the pilot recordings in Dervenochoria, we recorded and collected data in the field using an offline application (without the use of mobile data) and with a background Anavasi Map.

The data is then sent to the Observer support team for processing and collation with a background map Anavasi. The processed file is sent to the Incident Commander and Sector Leaders, as well as Observers, to continue operational planning.

Creation of Printed Maps and Travel Brochures 

Anavasi proceeded to create printed tourist maps for Evrytania, the area of ​​Mystras (Euphoria Retreat), Amorgos (Ipereia), Parnassos (Municipality of Amfikleia Elateia), Lake Kremaston (P.E. Evrytania). Maps help promote a place and highlight its natural beauty through suggested walking routes.

Creation of a tourist map of Amorgos Island with suggested hiking routes and photographs for various places of the island on the backside.
Creation of a map with hiking routes around Euphoria Retreat hotel in Mystras, Peloponnese.

Signs and Canvas in various place of Greece

Maps for Rhodes, Symi, Tilos, Kastellorizo and Chalki on canvas for Trekking Hellas in Rhodes

Signs are an important element in promoting a place. Anavasi proceeded to create new signs with a map that help highlight a place. The information, combined with the recommended hiking routes detailed on the map, gives all the important information a hiker needs during his mountain hike.

A signpost for the Path of National Resistance which crosses all the historically significant places of WWII in Oeta Mountain
Signposting in Mt. Ida Psiloritis & Santorini Map
Signposting in Magganiako Area in Messenia. 
Creation of Signposting in Taygetos and Vrilissos Trail in Vrilissia area in Northern Athens