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The new edition of the map of the Peloponnesus comes with many improvements. The larger scale makes it much more readable and reveals the detailed information of the map:Extensive road and settlements network. Plenty of archaeological sites published for the first time on a map. Beaches, camping, ma..
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The new hiking map of Mt Penteli [1.3] by Anavasi in a scale 1:16 000 invites you to discover one of the mountains that delimit the Athens plain through hiking and cycling trails. Old quarries, caves and monuments, including the famous "lithagogias road" from where the Parthenon marbles were transpo..
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The hiking map of Pilio - Mavrovouni in scale 1:45 000 covers the whole Pilion peninsula and Mt Mavrovouni a natural continuation of Mt Pelion to the north. Twenty highlighted hiking routes among dozens of recorded footpaths are proposed.The mountainous Pelion peninsula is gifted with abundant fores..
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Rich in natural and cultural heritage, Rhodes reveals all its wealth in this new map of Anavasi. From the medieval city in the north to the exotic Prasonisi island in the southern tip, one can find ancient cities, castles of the Knights, early christian basilicas, elegant italian buildings of the 30..
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Rhodes, the chosen one of Helios (god of the Sun), is blessed with beautiful countryside and exotic beaches. With its natural beauty, Rhodes over the centuries has charmed its conquerors, who in their turn adorned the island with magnificent buildings, from the ancient acropolises and the knightsΆ c..
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A notebook for your travel memories. White pages are perfect for travel journaling...
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Safari 25cm illuminated children's globe features different animals from around the world.It is a combination of fun and learning for children: political boundaries are shown and many animals in their natural environment. The globe is in English...
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The entire course of the Samaria gorge, the ascent of Mt Gigilos and Volakias, the traverse from Aghia Roumeli to Soughia (a beautiful and serious route) as well as other interesting routes are presented with detailed comments and useful information on the back side. Many paths have been added. ..
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As you enter the caldera of Santorini by ferry sheer cliffs rise up dramatically, exposing richly coloured rock strata, crowned by the colored houses of the cliff-top settlements. Equally magnificent is the sunset from the heights of the caldera towards the sea and the remnants of prehistoric rounde..
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Scratch World map editing by Maps International. Scratch all visited destinations that reveals a map with a different colour for each country.Dimensions: 42 x 30 cm..
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The new edition of Serifos is more detailed on a larger scale. On the back side of the map we have added some aerial photos of its beautiful Chora and of some beaches. Since ancient times, the chief source of wealth on Serifos has been its iron ore. The island s soil bears various metals and mineral..
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