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With this shiny great quality globe, kids discover by themselves the 172 pictures of animals. They can recognize the animals, name them and associate them to their life area.  ..
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With this game, you will go around the globe to indetify animals, learn a little more about them and collect 5 animal cards to win the quest. It is also a game of rapidity in which the player that found the animal on the globe must stick his CALYstick as fast as possible on it.CALY ANIMAL QUEST comb..
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A 50 cm in diameter colourful globe, original and uniquewith 270 beautiful animals from around the world...
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This is a large version of the real geopolitical globe, original and unique with its pretty colours.It's 50 cm in diameter. Durable for the purpose of children play...
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Anavasi Road map of the region of Achaia in a scale of 1:100 000, with a city plan of central Patras. Where is Achaia?Achaia or Achaea, sometimes even written Akhaia, is the translitteration of Αχαΐα in Greek. Achaia is a region in the Northwest of the Peloponnese, though administratively a par..
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​​The new Agrafa map covers for the first time the entire Agrafa mountain range. Agrafa is a sea of rugged, uninhabited mountains that stun the viewer and move the climber. Amidst the daunting backdrop of aerial ridges and deep r​​avines, Anasav​i​ cartographers walked and​ recorded​ ..
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Aegina is an island near Athens, famous worlwide for its pistachios. The northern and western sides are plaines and are densely inhabited. Famous for its beaches, Aigina also has a network of footpaths, ancient temples and a ruined byzantine city...
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The new updated the map of Alonissos, depicts the 14 hiking trails and all the beaches of the island. On the back there is a map of the Marine Park of Sporades with its dozens of islets, the protection zones and archaeological sites. Also texts on the geography and history of Alonissos and the ..
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Amorgos Hiking map in scale 1:32 000 is updated with all new footpaths, roads, toponyms and even the diving center. Amorgos Trail Challenge, the new mountain running race, is also recorded. Amorgos island is the easternmost island of the Cyclades. Amorgos map shows all the beaches of the i..
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The new hiking map of Anafi  [10.47] by Anavasi will lead you safely to the wonders of the island through the recently waymarked netword of footpaths. Anafi is said to have emerged from the angry waves at the command of the god Apollo to save the Argonauts. Today Anaf is a haven for its few res..
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The evolution of Athens through time is laid out for the first time ever by the new publication Ancient Athens and Modern Athens.What would Athens be like if Eridanos and Ilissos still flowed through the city? What were the consecutive fortifications of the city? The map of Ancient Athens shows..
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The map of Ancient Athens, showing on a background of the modern city, the ancient monuments in 3D painting, the walls of the ancient city and their evolution, the ancient rivers, Iridanos and Ilissos, and the ancient municipalities.The names are in English.It is printed on canvas...
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