Signpost showing the Paths of Serifos on Anavasi map.

Anavasi created signposts in all the islands of the Cyclades with hiking maps and information for the routes available on the island.

A complete hiking signage has been designed and implemented in Skyros, Paxos and Kimolos.

The signposting begins with on-site research and pre-study to determine the locations for the optimal placement of the signs. The appropriate type of signposting is determined according to the needs, the terrain and vegetation. Small signs or signage labels are classified into 3 categories: "small sign" so that the hiker does not lose the track, "direction signs" at the beginning of the trail with basic indications of duration and altitude difference, and a "central information signposts" with a map of the total network of trails.

Anavasi undertakes the design of path networks, the construction and installation of signage materials.

We also undertake the design and printing of hiking signs for outdoor posting.