Landscape photography is the art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that brings you into the scene. How to immortalize the landscape of a sacred mountain?

Mount Olympus is a sacred mountains and it is a challenge to photograph it. In ancient times, mountains were worshiped as a sacred place. Sacred mountains also provided an important piece of a culture's identity, like in Ancient Greece, mount Olympus was a central part of the hellenic identity. 

At Olympus, history and culture are an integral part of the landscape. On the top of Agios Antonios, where there was a sanctuary of Zeus and gold and bronze coins, fragments of pottery, objects of worship, stone and marble slabs with the inscription "To Zeus Olympus" have been found. From there they had visual contact with summit Mytikas and placed their offerings in honor of the Gods.

In July 1913, Frederic Boissonnas (1858-1946) reached the summit Mytikas and photographed Olympus. 

Anavasi editions published a book Olympus, 100 years, as a tribute to this first ascent.