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Olympus - 100 years - aerial photobook

Olympus - 100 years - aerial photobook

We flew over 14,000 feet -much higher than the summit of Mt Olympus-
at the heart of the winter.
We saw the sunset that paints the cliffs of Stefani and Mytikas red.
We got up in the air before dawn to see the sun rise from the sea.
We circled the mountain to grasp all the colors in its autumn forests,
... and we created this album to share with you the immense power and
perfection of this mythical mountain. 

Mount Olympus, the landscape of a sacred mountain

The release of this aerial photo-book coincides with the centenary of the first ascent to the summit of Mt Olympus. The text records the most important events of Mt Olympus mountaineering history and narratives of people who dedicated their lives to this divine mountain.

Olympus the first ascent in 1913

Hard cover, dimensions 32x25 cm, 

Publication date 2013
Pages 124
Author Penelope Matsouka
  • ISBN: 978-960-9412-24-7
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Tags: Macedonia