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28 Feb Aegina: 9 Hiking Routes
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Just a few miles away from Piraeus is Aegina, a place full of beauty and interesting history. It has been a great naval and trading power since prehis..
12 Nov 10 Places to discover around Athens
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Attica hides many treasures which you can discover just a breath away from Athens. In recent decades the Attic landscape may have been altered due to ..
07 Sep Adventure Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Outdoor activities in Greece are now widespread and varied. Anavasi created new maps for the Greek National Tourism Organisation with the activities i..
07 Sep Culture Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Greece is an inexhaustible source of art and culture. Every museum, archaeological site and ancient theater are included in the maps of Greek National..
07 Sep Gastronomy Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Find the varieties of olive, cheese as well as the products of the greek land with the protected designation of origin, in the maps made by Anavasi fo..
07 Sep Wine Map by the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Anavasi created new maps for the Greek National Tourism Organisation with PDO and PGI wine varieties and the main grape types in Greece. The first map..
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The main mission of Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) is to organize, develop and promote Greek tourism by exploiting country's potential. An..
27 Feb Discover mountain ski routes on Anavasi maps to Mount Parnassos and Olympos, as well as in our guide Ski touring with a sea view
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Mountain ski is a combination of mountaineering and skiing, of autonomous movement and an ultimate sense of freedom. Mountain ski on the slopes of P..
08 Feb Anavasi Map of outdoor activities in Evritania
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  Anavasi created a touring map for all outdoor activities in Evritania. Evritania offer many options for outdoor activites like rafting, skiing, hik..
01 Jan Working with the Prefecture of Evritania for the promotion of hiking, outdoor activities and touring
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The collaboration of Anavasi with the Prefecture of Evritania, extends to many different projects: -the writing of a guide for the region Evritania 4..
01 Jan Cooperation with the Greek National Tourism Organisation for the cartography of Greece and Greek cities
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  Anavasi is the cartographic partner the Greek National Tourism Organisation, an organisation that creates information on the main tourist destinati..
01 Jan Pilgrim's Map of Greece for Greek National Tourism Organisation
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Anavasi created the map for Greece for the Greek National Tourism Organisation. This map is available on, the official tourism web sit..
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