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23 Nov Discover ''rematia'' of Chalandri
anavasi 0 238
Chalandri stream is an oasis for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The stream crosses a large part of the Municipality ..
18 Nov Hymettus: Hiking near Athens
anavasi 0 522
Hymettus Mt. is a long and narrow massif that separates the Athens basin from the Mediterranean area. The mountain range starts from the area of ​​Agi..
15 Nov Sign for Via Ferrata in Tinos
anavasi 0 100
A sign with Anavasi Map for Via Ferrata in Tinos Island As a sponsorship of ANAVASIS in Tinos Outdoor Activities that created the Via Ferrata, the ..
11 Nov A sign for Asterousia Mountain
anavasi 0 53
All Asterousia of Crete on 1 map, it sounds impossible but it became a reality! The dimension is 90cm high and 240cm wide. The sign shows all the rout..
11 Nov Signs for Leonidio in collaboration with the municipality of Southern Kynouria
anavasi 0 84
The Municipal Council of South Kynouria, in collaboration with ANAVASI and local hiking groups, proceeded to select 15 paths and install 11 informatio..
08 Nov The Ridge of Korakas in Vardousia
0 276
Korakas Ridge is a route that we can follow to reach the highest point of Vardousia, Koraka. The most classic ridge of the Greek mountains that has no..
04 Nov The Southern Ridge of Vardousia
0 484
The Southern Ridge of Vardousia crosses the entire southern side of Vardousia. It starts from the highest peak, Korakas (2,495 meters) and gradually f..
04 Nov Vardousia
anavasi 0 71
Vardousia is a mountain range with many surprises worth discovering. It is located in central Greece, in the prefectures of Fokidos and Fthiotidos. Th..
25 Oct Hiking in Southern Pelion
anavasi 0 332
South Pelion is famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and green landscapes. However, another reason why one should visit Pelion is th..
17 Oct Agrafa: All suggested Hiking Routes
anavasi 0 303
Agrafa (the Unwriten place) is an inhospitable sea of mountains, where people crossed the centuries thanks to the endurance of goats and the courage o..
16 Oct Agrafa, A Sea of mountains
anavasi 0 2498
Agrafa is a sea of ​​rugged and inhospitable mountains that captivate the viewer and move the climber. Agrafa spreads on the borders of the prefecture..
14 Oct Mapping the island of Samos in Cooperation with University of Bordeaux
anavasi 0 123
The publishing company Anavasi, in cooperation with the Department of Spatial Planning for the Sciences of Landscape Enhancement and Communication, of..
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