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09 Apr Meteora: 5 Suggested Hiking Routes
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Meteora is the name for a group of huge and almost inaccessible rock pinnacles with monasteries built on their top, near the town of Kalampaka. Suspen..
31 Jan Anavasi Editions: The Review for 2023
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Anavasi is the mapping company for mountainous and island Greece. With over 100 hiking maps and guides. It is an aid for the promotion of hiking in Gr..
13 Sep New School Map of Greece by Anavasi
anavasi 0 1952
The new edition of the school map of Greece has just arrived. The updated version of the school map gathers all the municipalities of Greece according..
27 May Mountaineering
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Mountaineering is defined as any sporting activity that involves climbing or climbing a mountain. Mountaineering is done either by rock climbing, moun..
08 Apr Laconia, Places to visit
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Laconia is a prefecture of the Peloponnese, located at its southeastern end. Its attractive location between two of the largest mountains of the Pelop..
02 Mar Hydra: 3 Suggested Hiking and Walking Routes
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Hydra is a special island with mountainous and rocky terrain. The soil of the island is quite dry, while it is deprived of spring water. Agriculture a..
01 Feb Giona: 5 Suggested Hiking Routes
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Giona, known in ancient times as Aselinon Oros, is the highest mountain in Central Greece, with its summit, the Pyramida, reaching 2,510 meters. It i..
30 Jan Southern Kynouria: Creating hiking map for the municipality
anavasi 0 1798
Faithfully following its work in the creation of hiking maps, Anavasi proceeded to create a hiking map in collaboration with the Municipality of South..
12 Nov 10 Places to discover around Athens
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Attica hides many treasures which you can discover just a breath away from Athens. In recent decades the Attic landscape may have been altered due to ..
16 Oct Agrafa, A Sea of mountains
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Agrafa is a sea of ​​rugged and inhospitable mountains that captivate the viewer and move the climber. Agrafa spreads on the borders of the prefecture..
14 Sep
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The book Alpine Climbing in Greece includes a selection of the most interesting alpine climbs on the most important vertical slopes of our mountains. ..
08 May GNTO Map of Greece 2022
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GNTO Map of Greece 2022 GNTO has as its main mission the organization, development and promotion of tourism in Greece by utilizing all the possibilit..
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