Strofilia forests and Kotychi lagoon

The protected area of ​​Strofilia Forest is at the north west  top of the Peloponnese. Strophilia forest and Kotychi Lagoon are situated west of Patras . The national park has a length of up to 22 km and extends from the Gulf of Patras to Kyllini.
The national park starts in the north at Cape Araxos, with the lagoon of Kalogria, and above the lagoon the limestone hills of Mavra Litharia (240m), then the lagoon Prokopos, the swamp Lamia and at the southern end the lagoon Kotychi.
The area can be described as a coastal plain with sandy beaches and sand dunes scattered with sand plants and dwarf pine trees, a landscape of exceptional natural beauty. Coastal sand dunes prevent water from flowing into the sea and have created a system of stagnant water, with wet meadows and salt marshes.
The forest of Strofilia you can find pine cones (Pinus pinea) and pines (Pinus halepensis) that extend along the shores and protect the pine forests from the salty and strong winds. In the eastern part of the forest grow day oaks (Quercus macrolepis).

Suggested Hiking & Biking Routes

Hike in Mavra Litharia

Hiking with a view to Strofilias beach, to Strofilias Forest, Kalogria beach, and the whole coastline to Kounoupeli. The route has a steep slope, is about 1 km long and starts from the iconostasis on the road Araxos-Manolada. Sparse vegetation of day oaks and phrygana compose the landscape along the route. If you are lucky you will find along the path the endemic flower Nieder Centaurs.

Biking from Kotychi Lagoon to Lechaina Salt lake

Easy cycling route from Kotychi Lagoon to the Lechaina Salt Lake, which extends over a distance of 7 km. Sandy areas and reeds dominate in the landscape in the lagoon. It is the ideal route to observe waterfowl & aquatic birds, water turtles, frogs. It passes by the Kotychi divari which is a natural fish farm.