The gorge of Samaria is the most famous hiking in Crete and probably all over Greece. 18 km of stunning limestone cliffs and coniferous forests, with steep streams and wild peonies in the mountains, and the gorge that is constantly narrowing as we approach the sea. Arriving in Agia Roumeli the difference of the scenery  is shocking, with the rows of sunbeds and the hot sun.

The fauna of the Samaria National Park numbers 32 species of mammals, 3 species of amphibians, 11 species of reptiles, and about 200 species of birds. The endemic species of the Samaria gorge is the Cretan Migali. The most characteristic is the Cretan chamois (Capra aegagrus cretica), the largest mammal on the island. His image has been identified with the gorge of Samaria and the White Mountains and for his protection the area was declared a National Park. As a result, it has become one of the symbols of Crete

Above the wider area fly the vulture Gypaetus barbatus and the vulture Gyps fulvus. The vulture Gypaetus barbatus is one of the rarest birds in Europe, with wingspan of about 2.80 meters. It is the only species in the world that feeds almost exclusively on bones, which it throws from high altitudes to break into smaller pieces, following their course on a spiral flight.

The Macrothele cretica spider is another endemic species in the area.