Hiking map of Tinos island in a scale of 1:25.000 (+1:15.000 zoom section)

During the last 13 years, e have recorded more than 450 km of footpaths on Tinos. We chose and propose 16 routes, most of them circular, visiting the most beautiful places and villages of the Tinian hinterland. The routes range from 3 to 13 km and require 2-5 hours. They are marked in red and white and have been recently cleaned or are in the process of being cleaned.

The map also includes details about the perfectly equipped Via ferrata, created by Tinos outdoor activities. An easy hike with a bit of scrambling that encircles the hill. Steep slopes, gullies and narrow passages offer a unique experience, and maginficent views.

The Wallpaper

The map of Tinos has 16 suggested hiking routes

1. Agios Ioannis-Dyo Choria-Arnados-Triandaros circuit, 12.5 km

2. Falatados-Volax circuit, 5.6 km

3. Kalloni-Aetofolia-Kato Kleisma circuit, 4.7 km

4. Kardiani-Giannaki-Ammos-Ysternia, 10 km

5. Kardiani-Ysternia, 4 km

6. Kionia-Anogia-Kampos-Chatzirados circuit, 10.2 km

7. Koumaros-Volax-Agapi-Sklavohori-Skalados circuit, 9 km

8. Loutra-Perastra-Smardakito-Kampos circuit, 8 km

9. Marlas-Mali-Mamados, 6.8 km

10. Marlas-Profitis Ilias, 1.4 km

11. Myrsini-Platy-Livada, 5.2 km

12. Myrsini-Steni-Kechros-Tzados-Karya-Arnados, 5.2 km

13. Monastery Kechrovouniou-Derafia-Tinos Town, 4.5 km

14. Pyrgos-Kato Marlas-Marlas, 3.1 km

15. Pyrgos-Panormos-Rohari-Platia circuit, 5.8 km

16. Tinos (Chora)-Exombourgo-Koumaros, 6.3 km