Mountaineering is defined as any sporting activity that involves climbing or climbing a mountain. Mountaineering is done either by rock climbing, mountain hiking or ski mountaineering. Each type of mountaineering requires special equipment and the use of techniques. A hiker or climber can start with simple hiking on a smooth mountainside and go up to ice climbing steep vertical slopes.

Hiking is part of mountain climbing. This is the simplest method of mountain climbing as it involves hiking on either smooth or steep terrain. The good thing about mountain hiking is that it does not involve any specialized knowledge, however it does require special equipment such as appropriate clothing and footwear. It can be held either on a small mountain in Attica such as Ymittos, Penteli and Aigaleo or on a long mountain range such as Agrafa, Taygetos and Pindos. In Greece, mountain hiking is very popular. In every city of the country you will find hiking clubs that organize group hikes in every region of the country.

At the same time, Greece is a popular hiking destination attracting thousands of hiking enthusiasts from all over the world. Popular mountains for hiking are Olympus, Mainalo with the Menalon Trail, Giona, Ymittos, Parnitha, the Samaria Gorge, etc. In addition, the islands are popular hiking destinations such as Naxos, Andros, Tinos etc.

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Another type of mountaineering is climbing  involves climbing up a rock. It can be done individually on specially designed tracks or during a hike. Important climbing areas are Manikia in Evia, Kalymnos, Leonidio, Katafiki Gorge in Argolis, etc. However, climbing always requires special equipment. In Athens EOS Athens organizes Beginner Rock Climbing Schools (sport climbing) and Intermediate Rock Climbing Schools (adventure climbing) every year.

In addition to the above, Alpine Skiing can be included, which takes place either on snowy mountain slopes or in landscaped areas such as ski resorts. It always requires special equipment such as sandals. In Greece, it can be held in all the country's ski resorts. On maps of Ascents such as Olympus and Parnassos you will find suggested ski mountaineering routes.

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