Skiing under Gamila ​​​​​


“Ski Touring with Sea View,” is a useful and unique manual recently published in German, English and Greek for ski touring in Greece, by Christian Mayer. 

 With its many magnificent mountain ranges, Greece is ideal for ski mountaineering enthusiasts. Yet despite the existence of various knowledgeable, experienced and helpful societies and individuals, a detailed and practical guidebook to accompany the hobby was hard to come by, until now.

To illustrate the 23 routes of the guidebook, Anavasi maps were adapted to make the mountain ski easier to read. The hillshading was toned down, the colours adapted to the winter palette and the map information brought to a minimum to emphasize the ski routes. 

Ski touring map for Gamila
Ski touring map for mount Gamila​​


Discover mountain ski routes on Anavasi maps to Mount Parnassos and Olympos