New map on map sign in Fyli from ANAVASI maps.

At the beginning of the path Fyli - Dipotama - Fortress Fyli, you will now find the new and with many details map of the ANAVASI! It captures with its familiar accuracy all the hiking routes, the climbing fields, the via ferrata and much more!

During the period of the pandemic and lockdown, the mountains around the basin became the place to escapes and the way out for a breath of freedom.

The already active EPOS FYLIS, sensing the situation, and intensified its action in the mountains by expanding and improving the sign posting but also improving the condition of many paths.

A happy circumstance, this period coincided with the reissue of the map of the Anavasi maps to Parnitha, which over time closely monitors and records the developments on the great Attic mountain.

So we captured in detail all the new routes, variations and signage on the new map and at the same time as a reward for EPOS FYLIS we designed and printed a map sign for the western part of the mountain and its paths and donated it to the Association to be placed at the starting point of the routes to the Fortress of Fyli, the most important monument in Parnitha