Korakas Ridge is a route that we can follow to reach the highest point of Vardousia, Koraka. The most classic ridge of the Greek mountains that has nothing to envy of the climbs of the Alps if we exclude the sizes, with several repetitions every year. In essence, it crosses the two plateaus of Koprisia to the east. However, it is a demanding route aimed at experienced climbers as it presents technical difficulties up to IV degree and rappel. For its repetition, climbing equipment is needed, while the time is addressed to an experienced rope companion.


To access it, we follow the path that goes up to Koprisies and at an altitude of about 1,840 meters we leave the path of Koprisies, pass by the pond and head to the base of the ridge opposite us.
The uphill ridge gradually begins to narrow until it leads us to a rock wall, which blocks our way. We pass him from the right and following a gully to the left we climb again to the ridge. Moving now on the airy ridge, we pass the technical passes up to II degree to end up in a small saddle with rings for rappelling towards Koprisies
(This is an escape rappel or avoiding the next part of the ridge)
We continue on the opposite ridge which gradually becomes a comb and leads us to a rappel relay to the left in our direction. After the rappel, there is a grade IV rope where we get back to the ridge. A few more passes and one more small rappel before we stand at the top of Korakas.

Access to Starting Point (Koprisies)

To reach the area where the climb begins you can walk from Athanasios Diakos, up the path that leads to the EOOA and POA shelters to the Kokkino Lithari area where there is a path that leads to Koprisies. By road, access can be made from Athanasios Diakos via the road that leads to Artotina to Kokkino Lithari.