In May, Anavasi proceeded to create a new version of the Menalon Trail map as well as to reprint the existing map of Menalon.

The hiking map for the Menalon Trail presents the entire network of the Menalon Trail which starts from Stemnitsa and ends in Lagadia.

The "Menalon Trail" is a 75 km long mountain walking route that crosses the Lousios River Gorge, West Manalo, the Mylaon River Valley and the Gortynia Mountains, passing through historic villages.

The Menalon Trail is the 1st trail in Greece to be certified based on the Top Quality Trail Protocol awarded by the European Pedestrian Confederation (ERA) to highlight a top quality and safe trail in Europe. It is divided into 8 sections.

The map depicts the entire area of ​​Western Mainalo with great accuracy, covering the areas of Vytina, Lagadia, Dimitsana, Lousio and Stemnitsa. It includes important churches, all monasteries, toponyms, all villages and settlements.

In addition to the Menalon Trail map, the 1:40,000 scale hiking map of Menalon has been re-released. This particular map includes the entire area between Lagadia, Vytina, Dimitsana, Levidi and Tripoli, thus covering the entire mountain. Inside the map you will find the entire Menalon Trail network with descriptions as well as 15 more suggested routes.

On the reverse side you will find a map with the neighboring mountains of Artemisio, Pharmakas, Chtenia and Lyrkei. The map shows very accurately the entire road network, villages, toponyms, churches and monasteries as well as historical points such as archaeological sites, castles, towers and museums.