Two new maps and one new edition were released at the beginning of March. Specifically, the maps of Lesvos island and Thrace / North Aegean region were issued for the first time. Additionally, the new edition of the hiking map of Prespa - Vitsi - Voras was issued with 22 suggested hiking routes and 11 MTB routes. Both the map of Lesvos and the map of Prespa - Vitsi - Voras include MTB routes.

10.53 Lesvos 1:70.000

Lesvos is a gifted island in every respect. The whole island is UNESCO Global Geopark due to its many interesting geological features. The most impressive feature is the fossilized tree trunks due to the past intense volcanic activity. Lesvos is also one of the best locations in Europe to see migrating birds.
In Lesvos there are important archaeological monuments, impressive medieval castles, Byzantine monasteries, traditional villages and a rich architectural heritage.  
17 suggested walking routes and 6 ΜΤΒ routes are marked on the map. Additionally, all the settlements, the road network, archaeological sites, churches – monasteries and beaches are appeared on the hiking map in detail. On the back side of the map, you will find the areas of Mytilene, Plomari – Agiassos, Petra – Mythimna at scale 1:30.000.

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ISBN: 978-618-5823-03-0

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R5. Thrace & North Aegean Islands 1:230.000

The Thraki-North Aegean map guides us to areas of Greece with a rich history and important ecosystems. On the one side, Eastern Macedonia & Thrace where Ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments coexist with the virgin forests of the Rhodope mountains, precious wetlands and the birds of prey sanctuary of Dadia. On the other side, the islands of the North Aegean, Thassos, Samothraki, Limnos, Lesvos, Chios and the smaller Ai Stratis and Psara complete the wonderful mosaic of nature and culture, as this NE edge of Greece has been through time a bridge between East and the West.
The map includes 13 ecotourism destinations with texts and photos. Additionally, all the road network, settlements, archaeological sites, monasteries and sites are appeared on the map in detail. Moreover, the map illustrates the burnt area in Evros which burned from the wildfires in 2023.

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6.2 Prespa – Vitsi – Voras 1:50.000

Prespa is a region where landscapes of unique beauty and exceptional biodiversity coexist with notable Byzantine monuments and traditional villages. Prespa hosts the world’s largest breeding colony of Dalmatian Pelican and another 260 species of birds. Short and long hikes figuring on the map will take you to the most enchanting places.
Mount Voras or Kaimaktsalan (altitude 2524m), has a ski resort with a magnificent view near its summit and the famous Pozar thermal baths at its foot. Dozens of hiking trails cross its wooded slopes.
The map highlights a total of 22 hiking and 8 cycling routes as well as the routes of the European paths E4 and E6

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ISBN: 978-960-9412-27-8

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