The E4 Path in Crete - Planning the route:

Anavasi editions offer the best maps and guides to help you plan for the E4 crossing. The maps are also available on digital support to take along on your phone. Download Crete in scale 1:50 000 inside Avenza pdf maps app or find the maps in our own app Anavasi mapp.

·         The Cretan Way, second edition 2018 is THE guide for the E4 with personal notes from the author describing each section of the trail in detail and his thoughts along the way. Each section is accompanied by a detailed map from Anavasi editions.

·         The road maps Chania, Heraklio-Rethimno and Lasithi covering in 3 parts the whole island, in scale 1:100 000. The E4 and the alternatives proposed by the Cretan are marked on the maps. Ideal for planning walk days, rest days and escape routes.

·         The Adventure Atlas of Crete is the ideal companion for the E4 in Crete because it covers the whole island in scale 1:50 000. All the paths from Anavasi maps are concentrated here. A must!

·         The High Mountains of Crete, by Loraine Wilson, a very good trail guide for the mountain regions of Crete;

·         The detailed 1:25 000 series of 7 maps for the highest mountains of Crete. Our series comprises from west to east: Lefka Ori Sfakia -Pachnes, Samaria – Sougia, Psiloritis, Fragkokastelo – Plakias, Asterousia, Dikti – Mt Selena, Zakro Vai. All maps are in scale 1:25 000, except Psiloritis (Ida) and Dikti – Selena in scales 1:30 000 and 1:35 000 respectively for coverage reasons. These maps are available in digital format in the apps: Anavasi mapp, Avenza pdf maps and Viewranger. Take these maps along!

Difficulty of the E4 trail: It depends on the section, as the E4 Path in Crete goes through a great variety of terrain and landscapes, some sections of the trail can be described as walks on smooth asphalt roads, but others are hikes in rugged gorges or serious mountain trekking.

NB. At Sougia, on the south coast, the E4 Path separates into two different rooutes, one along the coast, very rough, and one through the mountains. Both tracks converge on the south coast near Frangokastello, but immediately branch out again into two sections.