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Lesser Cyclades • Hiking map 1:25.000

Lesser Cyclades • Hiking map 1:25.000

Hiking map of Lesser Cyclades in a scale of 1:25.000

The Lesser or Small Cyclades are made up of more than 30 islands and rocks. The main inhabited islands are Iraklia, Schinousa, Donousa, Pano Koufonisi. The waters around them are very attractive and walking is inevitable as there are few roads. Donoussa has the best combination of paths and beaches, Iraklia is more suitable for hikers, Schinousa has in addition an interesting climbing site. Pano Koufonisi offers the best beaches while Kato Koufonisi is a favorite spot for wild campers and nudists.

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Les Petites Cyclades comprennent plus de 30 îles et rochers. Les îles principales habitées sont Iraklia, Schinoussa, Donoussa et Pano Koufonisi. Les eaux qui les entourent sont splendides et la marche inévitable car il y a peu de routes. Donoussa combine parfaitement randonnée et plages, Iraklia est la plus adaptée aux randonneurs, Schinousa offre en plus un terrain d'escalade. Pano Koufonisi possède les plus belles plages tandis que Kato Koufonisi est un lieu de prédilection des campeurs sauvages et des nudistes.

Publication date 2023
Map reference code 10.36
Scale 1:25.000
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