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The Cretan way (3rd edition) Ε4

The Cretan way (3rd edition) Ε4

The Cretan Way is a 500 km walking route which takes you from east to west across the varied and spectacular landscapes of Crete. It is the ideal way to discover the rural, mountainous and coastal regions of this incredible island.

The Cretan Way is the first ever guidebook for a long-distance hike in Crete and includes maps, descriptions, a travelogue, GPS tracks, accommodation info and tips for walking one of the most remarkable routes in the world.

The Cretan way follows the European trail E4 through Crete, although it diverges in some parts. 

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The Cretan Way and Luca Gianotti

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Publication date 2023
Pages 180
Author Luca Gianotti
  • ISBN: 978-960-9412-45-2
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Tags: Crete