Luca Giannotti, an italian mountain guide who became known for his plan to cross Crete from one end to the other in 29 days. On this trip, recorded on his blog, and later published a book with Anavasi publications, he expressed his enthusiasm for the island's wild beauties. His intention is for the E4 in Crete to become the center of hiking tourism in southern Europe. Thus was born the vision that bears the title "The Cretan Way" and aims to create all the conditions for the Cretan path E4 to be a hiking destination.

Luca said:

"The Cretan Way" is a 29-day hike that starts from Kato Zakros in Lassithi and reaches Chrysoskalitissa in Chania. This is the Cretan section of the European path "Ε4" (which starts in Spain and ends in Greece), Luca Giannotti suggests a route that avoids the very difficult mountainous sections, but also the parts of E4 which have now been converted into asphalt roads. "Cretan Way" has a different aim: to be a path that goes through mountain villages, and to be  easy for everyone to follow. "

But the initiative of the Italian hiker did not stop there ...

According to an article in the Italian newspaper La Stampa in October 2017 and more specifically from the 13th to the 22nd of the month, he organized in Crete a large meeting of volunteers from all over the world, from Australia to Lithuania, who followed step by step the "E4" and installed identification signs for even inexperienced hikers.

Thus, the Cretan path of 500 kilometers and 29 days has already become, according to the publication, a pole of attraction for many who are looking forward to experience what Luca Gianotti describes with such enthusiasm in the guide "The Cretan Way".

"Reference to Kazantzakis"

Giannotti crossed Crete on foot in 29 days, walking from east to west of the island, through the great mountain ranges to the shores of the Libyan Sea, encountering mountain villages, settlements, chapels and monasteries along the way. In Giannotti's story, fascinating encounters with the inhabitants of the island of yesterday and today are described, with cretan literature, cretan mythology, cretran arts and cretan music. A meeting with the enchanting land that gave birth to the Mediterranean culture, Nikos Kazantzakis'island which, as he said, was the result of the combination of west and east.

"The Cretan Way" offers the unique opportunity for hiking enthusiasts to get to know the island by crossing it on foot, through the coast and inland and to admire its unique natural beauty, with its sea, caves, wildlife. To get in touch with its ancient history, its magical symbolism and to taste cretan traditional cuisine: yogurt with honey, fish, salads and tzatziki.

Based on an article in the newspaper La Stampa and a version of the Greek newspaper Creta Post.