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Patmos has an outstanding network of old footpaths, which used to connect the settlements, rural areas and pasture lands with one another and with the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. The footpaths would also connect the settlements with the monasteries, hermitages and “kathismas” (sm..
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Hiking map of Fragkokastelo in a scale of 1:25.000 A new map on the eastern side of the White Mountains, adjacent to the map Sfakia – Pachnes, that extends from the Imbros gorge to the well-known resort of Plakias. On the southern side of this area, facing the Libyan sea, are a series of canyons,..
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The hiking map of Gavdos island in a scale of 1:20 000, with its topographical background, includes the entire road and hiking network of the island. On the back side of the map, there are information about the geography, the natural environment and the history of the island. In addition to s..
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(book in Greek only) Τα πολεμικά γεγονότα μιας δεκαετίας (μόνο), ιδίως το δράμα του Γράμμου στα 1949, αλλά και ο θρύλος της Πίνδου του 1940, είναι βαθειά ριζωμένα στη μνήμη, πολύ γνωστά. Εκείνα όμως που παραμένουν είναι τα ειρηνικά δρώμενα αιώνων των ανθρώπων τούτων των ιδίων τόπων του Γράμμου. Π..
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Greece political map (in Greek only) gives a comprehensive and updated overview of the whole country.   It shows all administrative divisions of the country and gives an overview of Greece’s geography. Moreover it contains all the new municipalities of Greece according to new Kallikratis Admin..
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The Adventure Map of Greece in scale 1:700.000 is the ultimate tool for travelers who want to explore and get to know Greece. Updated road network with all new highways and main road connections. All airports, ferry links, railways and organized marinas. All major sites, archeological sites, mona..
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Hiking map of Hydra at a scale of 1:30 000 Hydra is the only island in Greece where cars are not allowed at all. It could be described as a hiker's paradise, since all movements are made on foot through paths. Discover all the beauties of the island: the monasteries, the forests, the special geol..
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Angelos Kouros’ “I swear to you on the mountain, I have no holier oath” is a poetic narration of an exodus from the city to the mountains – a narration of a much-needed catharsis. Formed as a unified poem, it has all the elements that make poetry great: the specific, the tangible, the “deep” (in the..
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Hiking map of Ida (Psiloritis) mountain in a scale of 1:30.000 Mt Psiloritis dominates the center of the island and the hearts of the Cretan people. It is an imposing, steep and rugged mountain, the place of upbringing of Zeus, of the Cretan wild goats and the unconquered Cretan soul. Trails clim..
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Hiking map of Ikaria island in a scale of 1:35.000 The new Anavasi map of Ikaria on a scale of 1:35.000 figures dozens of footpaths, the complete road network and all the beaches of the island, which is also well known for its summer feasts (panigiria) and the longevity of its inhabitants. The is..
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Road and touring map of Iraklio and Rethimno in a scale of 1:100.000 The most popular map of the successful series of touring maps of Crete in a scale of 1:100,000 maps covering Irakleio and Rethymno prefectures with great detail. Small additions and updating of road network and a short presentat..
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Hiking map for mountain Kalidhromo in a scale of 1:50.000 Kallidromo is a gentle mountain above Thermopyles with beautiful forests, large meadows and plateaus with lakes. It features an unexpectedly large number of archaeological remains (temples, fortifications)...
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