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Anyone looking for a wall map has this map in mind. It's National Geographic's classic World Map, unmatched in earth's visualization: clear, easy to read, and endless information...
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THe hiking map Northern Agrafa - Lake Plastira [4.1] comprises the northern section of the mountain range of Agrafa with peaks Karavoula, Karava, Kazarma and Voutsikaki. To the east of these mountains a large step is formed in which lies the artificial lake of Tavropos - named after general Nikolaos..
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Northern and Southern Imitos [1.21]
The new hiking map of Mt Imitos in a scale of 1:10 000 covers the whole mountain.It is a combination of two maps in a folder: the map of the Northern Imitos covering the area of ​​Agia Paraskevi to Ilioupoli and map of Southern Imitos extending between Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Glyfada, Voula and Koro..
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We flew over 14,000 feet -much higher than the summit of Mt Olympus-at the heart of the winter.We saw the sunset that paints the cliffs of Stefani and Mytikas red.We got up in the air before dawn to see the sun rise from the sea.We circled the mountain to grasp all the colors in its autumn forests,...
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The hiking map of Mt Olympus is by far the most comprehensive map of the renowed mythic mountain. It covers the entire massif in great detail (20m contours, all the paths, springs, refuges etc). On the reverse side there are detailed information about the footpaths with their waymarking and the cour..
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Illuminated globe in antique style, borders are clearly marked, the sea is in ochre yellow and the globe features historical information showing the routes famous explorers took. It has another unique feature: rotation on both axes, allowing to view the Earth from all possible sides unlike more..
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For a mountain climber, the view from the top is the prize at the end of a strenuous climb. This book takes the next step. It lays before the reader amazing vistas, provides the keys for a new understanding of geography and terrain, and a view of the incredible diversity and beauty of the mountains ..
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Parnassos [2.1] Parnassos [2.1]
The new Parnassοs map in scale of 1:35 000 highlights the alpine side of the mountain in the Zemeno -Tithorea area, with new signposted paths.National Park since 1938, Parnassos has many faces. Its proximity to the capital and the variety of activities make it popular, but its landscapes have been a..
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A new (7th) edition of Mt Parnitha hiking map.Parnitha, the highest mountain in Attica, is a natural reserve where the Athenians come in contact with nature. The fir forest, the ravines and endless, scrubland, deers and birds are the manifestations of the wildlife we come lo..
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Hiking map of Mt Parnon [8.7] the large mountain complex that starts in Arcadia (just south of Tripoli) and extends to the southeastern cape of the Peloponnese. The one side of the map covers the northern part from Doliana and wetland Moustos down to Chrysapha and Poulithra, including the highest pe..
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Paros is the third largest island in the Cyclades and the most blessed in terms of fertile land and easily accessible beaches. Although traditional means of earning a livelihood have long been eclipsed by tourism and the construction of holiday villas, the island still retains considerable tradition..
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The already existing book for Paros and Antiparos, now comes with a hard cover, for you to offer to your beloved ones a beautiful gift...
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