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The peninsula of Argolis offers varied landscapes, all kinds of cultural highlights, great beaches and, of course, climbing areas that can hardly be more different. The book describes both, climbing and tourism. 2 Hours south of Athens one will find the Peninsula Argolis with its climbing crags. It..
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The hiking region "Around the Zugspitze" is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most diversified regions of the Alps. It is characterized by quaint villages amid lush meadow valleys, large light-grey limestone mountains, some of which extend over kilometres of jagged ridges and by its numerous m..
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Asterousia-Phaistos is a hiking map for Crete in scale 1:25 000.    Asterousia-Phaistos is a hiking map for Crete in scale 1:25 000. Phaistos is one of the most important Minoan sites, the Asterousia Phaistos map covers the area around the ancient city . Asterousia is a long mountain range s..
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New 2021 hiking map of Astypalaia in a scale of 1:35 000. The map of Astypalaia by Anavasi editions in a scale 1:35 000 was done in collaboration with the Municipality of Astypalaia. The glittering Chora with its great Venetian castle impresses but Astypalaia has much more to reveal the intere..
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While the stomach should ideally serve as the best compass, the truth is that it’s hard to find your way without good local advice. That’s where Culinary Backstreets comes in. Our small group culinary walks lead you on an educating eating binge through a city’s secret side streets and authentic mark..
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Central Athens on a handy size street plan, ideal for your city explorations! Locations of the city’s 102 important archaeological sites, museums, and other important buildings, plus on the reverse a road map of the environs including the port at Piraeus and the international airport. Coverage e..
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  A guidebook covering the wealth of sport climbing in and around Athens. The guide covers 33 different sectors all within one hour of downtown Athens and contains 100 full colour photo-topos describing over 1100 routes. Also included is detailed access information including maps, public tr..
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The beginnings of the story of Athens are lost in the depths of prehistory. The summit of the hill of the Acropolis already acquired its fortress-like form during the Mycenaean period, becoming the seat of a supreme ruler. The names of many mythical kings, such as Cecrops and Aegeus, are connected w..
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A walking map to Mount Athos on the best available scale, 1:30 000 and reprinted in 2019...
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Road and touring map for Attica and Viotia in scale 1:100 000. On the back of the map there are 15 suggestions for excursions and walks in the countryside on the outskirts of the capital. Discover the countless monuments and mountains around Athens!  Mountains in Attiki are Parnitha, Imito..
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A reusable bamboo coffee cup with a map of the world in bright playful colours and a red lid. Be kind to our planet and swap the plastic for this reusable coffee cup. Printed in soft muted tones and touches of sky blue. Now you can drink your coffee and wander in wonder at the same time. Mater..
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