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Mainalo - Artemisio [8.5]
The Mainalo - Artemisio Hiking Map [8.5] will be released on 02/2020 on a more detailed scale of 1:40 000. It will also include the Artemisio on the back of the map as well as the Menalon Trail routes with section description.Mainalo is the highest and largest Arcadian mountain, west of the Tripoli-..
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Hiking map of Mani [8.4], a wild and sparsely inhabited region. Past the fertile zones of Gythio and Itilo, the map will guide you to the bleak and arid part of the peninsula known as "Deep Mani" and as far as Cape Matapan, the southernmost point of the Peloponnese and entrance to the underworld. Ma..
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The second edition of the Aerial photo album of Mani, in the series as the seagull flies, published by ANAVASI is not a simple reissue, but a fresh new book. The new book has more pages and many new photographs, especially of Messenian Mani. The new edition is enriched with texts explaining the part..
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Illuminated relief globe that will amaze you with the alternation of physical and political map. When the globe is unlit the map is physical and when the globe is lit each country is coloured differently. It has another unique feature: rotation on both axes, allowing to view the Earth from all ..
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The new edition of the map of Messinia, in a scale of 1: 80,000 is now available, very detailed and readable and rich in cultural information. On the side of the map there are short descriptions of 10 unique destinations in Messinia - among dozens that could be proposed in this gifted region of the ..
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The hiking map of Meteora in scale 1:10 000 by Anavasi editions is a world first in the printed cartography with its the three-dimensional depiction. We provide the special glasses and we let wander back you back to Meteora even when you are no longer there.A monument of World Natural and Cultural H..
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Milos and the archipelago which also includes Kimolos, Polyvos, Erimomilos and smaller islets such as Akradies, Glaronisia etc. belong to the volcanic arc of the southern Aegean. These volcanic islands have an extremely interesting geological history and geology, that is reflected in their landscape..
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A short and practical book that summarizes basic knowledge of mountaineering and climbing by A. Asimakopoulos and G. Voutiropoulos. The basic knowledge of Mountaineering is comprehensively developed in ten chapters that discuss topics such as the mountain environment and its protection, special moun..
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This miny ice axe is not intended for the ice! ..
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Nafpaktos - Panaitoliko - Karpenisi [2.4]
​The mountains of Evritania: Velouchi, Chelidona, Kaliakouda and Panetoliko on one side, and on the other the mountainous Nafpaktia area, where Anninos, Tsekoura, Ardini and Tsakalaki . On the proposed routes you will find climbs to the tops and beautiful hikes from village to village or to a bridge..
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Many paths are added to this new edition of the very detailed maps of Naxos and the 5 Small Cyclades (Irakleia, Schinousa, Pano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi and Donousa). Several proposed hiking routes and the course of Naxos Trail..
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A visual narrative of the amazing variety of Naxos landscape. The petrified melodies of the mountains and the landforms, the centuries long struggle written on terraces and stone-walls, marvelous valleys and plains decorated with byzantine churches, extensive sand beaches and unexpected alternations..
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