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On the southernmost edge of Greece - indeed of all Europe - and in the midst of the eastern Mediterranean, lies Crete, an island with a population of more than 600,000 and divided for administrative purposes into 4 Prefectures: Hania, Rethymnon, Heraklion, and Lasithi. An island much celebrated in s..
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The new ADVENTURE ATLAS of Crete by Anavasi in the scale of 1:50 000 is the ultimate tool to discover the island.Plan you adventures in Crete and go hiking, canyoning, climbing, swimming on beautiful beaches, explore abandoned villages, minoan peak sanctuaries, cave-churches, byzantine and ottoman c..
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Crete is a big island, and a general map is necessary to plan your travel.But to better discover Crete you need to leave the car behind, and go hiking in the wild side of the island.There are here 7 hiking destinations with pictures, map and descriptions, to inspire you to explore the..
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200 recettes empruntées à la cuisine grecque, quintessence et meilleur exemple peut-être du désormais célèbre régime méditerranéen. Des plats traditionnels, basés sur les produits les plus sains du terroir hellénique, composent et proposent un mode d’alimentation idéal pour garantir à la fois bonne ..
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Touring map of Cyclades and Argosaronic in a scale of 1:200 000   The map of Cyclades - Argosaronic covers the areas of Attica with the Argosaronic islands of Salamina, Aegina, Ydra and Poros and all the Cyclades islands, printed on 2 sides with overlap. A very useful map, especially for is..
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See the video presentation for the photobook, the Cyclades, as the seagull flies.The new coffee table aerial photo book that tells you all you ever wanted to know about the Cyclades. Geology, history, landscapes explained by 20 academics, history and archeology professors, expert geologists and arch..
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 Auf der insel Hydra wurde die Zeit Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts gestoppt. Das Fehlen von Fahrzeugen, der einzige Fall im griechischen Raum,dereguliert am Anfang den Gast, der mach ein paar Tagen auf der insel eine neuentdeckte Ruhe geniest, sonderbare Klange wie die Hufeisen von Maultieren..
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Hiking map of Mt Dikti and Mt Selena in scale 1:35 000. Τhe large karstic basin known as Lassithi Plateau is surrounded by mountains. The highest and most famous is Mt Dikti with its highest summits Afendis Christos (Madara) and Spathi. The European Trail E4 crosses the area following a very int..
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Hiking map for Dirfis and Xerovouni in Evia in a scale of 1:25 000.The tallest mountain in Evia (can also be written Euvoia, or Eubia) together with neighbouring Xerovouni offers an interesting variety of routes - some through dense chesnut forest and others with wonderful views towards the Aegean. ..
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A field guide for those who seek to find, study and identify dolphins and whales that are regularly observed in Greek waters.AVAILABLE ONLY IN ENGLISH..
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Hiking map of Elikonas in a scale of 1:50.000 A 1:50 000 walking map to Elikonas.    ..
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Ellipse globe 30 cm antique Ellipse globe 30 cm antique
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The antique style map match the historical dimension of the globe. Beside the up-to-date political map, find the sea routes followed by the travelers and their discoveries that mapped the world as we know it today. The elliptical base of the globe is impressive...
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