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CycladesThe new coffee table aerial photo book that tells you all you ever wanted to know about the Cyclades. Geology, history, landscapes explained by 20 academics, history and archeology professors, expert geologists and architects. Around 350 aerial views from famous and unknown sites. A book for..
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Hiking map of Mt Dikti and Mt Selena. Τhe large karstic basin known as Lassithi Plateau is surrounded by mountains. The highest and most famous is Mt Dikti with its highest summits Afendis Christos (Madara) and Spathi. The European Trail E4 crosses the area following a very interesting route. T..
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The tallest mountain in Evia together with neighbouring Xerovouni offer an interesting variety of routes - some through dense chesnut forest and others with wonderful views towards the Aegean. Easy access from Athens and a well maintained refuge make it a very attractive proposition for a weekend br..
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A field guide for those who seek to find, study and identify dolphins and whales that are regularly observed in Greek waters...
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A 1:50 000 walking map to Elikonas...
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The antique style map match the historical dimension of the globe. Beside the up-to-date political map, find the sea routes followed by the travelers and their discoveries that mapped the world as we know it today. The elliptical base of the globe is impressive...
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Discover 200 of the best places to ride a bike in this beautifully illustrated paperback. From family-friendly, sightseeing urban rides to epic adventures off the beaten track. Destinations range from France and Italy, for the world's great bike races, to the wilds of Mongolia and Patagonia. These j..
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Epic Runs of the World
Put on your running shoes – it’s time to hit the road, the trails and the great outdoors.In this comprehensive runner’s companion, you’ll find 50 of the world’s greatest running routes – from short city runs and must-do marathons to cross-country trails and challenging ultras – plus a further 150 co..
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In recent years, Evia has become a popular destination offering a wealth of natural landscapes and routes. The waterfalls of Drymona, the gorge of Dimosaris and Archampolis will soon be common words in travel geography.The new map of Anavasi that covers the entire island of Evia and Skyros is dedica..
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Mani is the middle and southernmost peninsula of the Peloponnese and is split between Laconia and Messinia. Exo Mani is the name of the northwestern part, which belongs to the prefecture of Messinia. Exo Mani preserves a treasure trove of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and castles in breathta..
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The map of Folegandros by Anavasi editions in a scale of 1:18 000 depicts with detail the beautiful footpaths of the island with their corresponding signposting. Field work on Folegandros was done during the Spring of 2016.Folegandros is a walking paradise with short footpaths ending up in beautiful..
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The map of Giona - Vardousia 1: 25.000 is not the new version of the map of Giona - Oiti - Vardousia but a completely new map that proposes for the first time exploration and adventure routes. Because more and more people are seeking adventure on the spurs and the peaks of Mts Vardousia and Giona.Va..
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