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National Geographic's striking satellite map of The World is a visually stunning image that makes a wonderful addition to the wall of any office or study. This detailed composite map draws from more than 500 satellite images to give one-kilometer detail and consistent representation of Earth's natur..
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Playfully discover the world and the stars. This globe has a lot going for it. Not only you can see the world on a political map, you can also learn what constellations look like. When unlit you can see the political map and as soon as you switch on the light, the constellations become visible. The..
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THe hiking map Northern Agrafa - Lake Plastira [4.1] comprises the northern section of the mountain range of Agrafa with peaks Karavoula, Karava, Kazarma and Voutsikaki. To the east of these mountains a large step is formed in which lies the artificial lake of Tavropos - named after general Nikolaos..
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Bradt's Nova Scotia tells visitors where to eat the best smoked fish, find the most stunning beaches and raft the world's highest tides. Delving deeper than any other guide, it reveals the best of the province both on and off the beaten track. Nova Scotia - Canada's second-smallest province- is m..
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Olive Oil - way of long life Olive Oil - way of long life
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Myths, history and folklore are the principal testimonies in tracking the olive culture which have been unbreakably linked with human existence in Greece for the past 5000 years. The tree with the blessed fruit is praised for its contribution to our diet, good health, hygiene, beauty, heating, and l..
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Olivenöl ein Weg zur Langlebigkeit Die Mythen, die Geschichte, die Kunst und die Volkskunde bilden die wichtigsten Zeugnisse für die Entdeckung der Zivilisation der Olive, die seit 5000 Jahre in Griechenland feststehend mit dem menschlichen Dasein verbunden ist. Der Baum mit der seligen Frucht ist f..
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Olympus Classic Ascents and Hikes
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Olympus is a mountain that always used to challenge people. Its peaks hidden in the clouds and pounded by fierce storms; this is the place where Zeus lived ruling all gods and humans. At a lower level, its sunny wooded slopes are softened by the sea; this is where people live for thousands of years..
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Illuminated globe in antique style, borders are clearly marked, the sea is in ochre yellow and the globe features historical information showing the routes famous explorers took.  It has another unique feature: rotation on both axes, allowing to view the Earth from all possible sides unlike more ..
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Orchids - Crete & Dodekanese Orchids - Crete & Dodekanese
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They may not be the size of their tropical relatives but they have no reason to envy the latter in form, colour and...guile. This 240-page book presents the wonderful world of the orchid species of Crete and the Dodecanese in its entirety, i.e. 70 species and 23 sub-species, while a further 5 specie..
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A joint publication of the Gennadius Library and the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Ottoman Athens is the first volume to focus on the Ottoman presence in Athens. This collection of 12 essays explores the architecture, antiquities, cartography, and documentary sources from the period, shedding li..
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Hiking map for Parnonas in a scale of 1:50.000 Hiking map of Mt Parnon [8.7] the large mountain complex that starts in Arcadia (just south of Tripoli) and extends to the southeastern cape of the Peloponnese. The one side of the map covers the northern part from Doliana and wetland Moustos down to..
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Patmos Byzantine Art (Book in Greek)
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H σειρά παρουσιάζει τη βυζαντινή μνημειακή ζωγραφική (ψηφιδωτά και τοιχογραφίες) από τον 7ο έως τον 15ο αιώνα στην Eλλάδα. Περιλαμβάνει διεξοδικές και πλήρεις μονογραφίες των μνημείων, οι οποίες συνοδεύονται από σχεδιαστικές αποτυπώσεις, με όλες τις σωζόμενες παραστάσεις. Συμπληρώνεται από πλούσια φ..
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