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The stars of earth's night sky seem to hang like tranquil lanterns, filling us with wonder. They inspire great works of art, and tempt our imaginations into creating stories and myths from the shapes we see. The Heavens shows star charts and constellations for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphe..
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The White Mountains, Psiloritis and Lassithi Mountains Guidebook of walking routes in Crete's mountains, covering the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), Mount Ida (the Psiloritis range), the Lassithi mountains and E4 trail. The 87 walks are graded, and range between 2 and 28km with various longer options..
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A Classic political National Geographic map...
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Children activity book with magnificent stickers with themes of the ancient Cretan history and art. Learn the famous Minoan civilization, by sticking the treasures stickers along with their names. 16 pages full of colour stickers will inspire you to look at Minoan history closely...
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The Peloponnese and Pindos WayGuidebook describes challenging treks in the mountains of Greece, traversing the Pindhos Range, near Athens, and the Peloponnese, plus a handful of shorter routes including Mount Olympus. The treks demand a high level of commitment and fitness due to their remoteness an..
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Walking in Athens
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Walking in Athens is a unique compilation of photos and accompanying articles, that came about from walking in various neighborhoods of Athens. Mixed architectural styles, crumbling houses juxtaposed against concrete buildings, empty facades next to sound buildings, this is a guide to a secret lands..
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This book describes the lovliest old walking trails. With detailed maps, exact times and photos of outstanding points for better orientation. And lots of useful knowledge about the "Island of abundance". It is made for island hoppers who want to drift through the island world by ship and who would a..
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This guidebook offers 35 day walks across the four Cycladic islands of Paros, Naxos, Amorgos and Santorini. Best explored in spring and autumn, each island offers a unique walking experience and the walks range from easy 4km town tours to 16km hikes visiting remote peaks in wild interiors. This is t..
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Europe offers an astonishing variety of scenic landscapes and some of the most enchanting trails to explore them. Wanderlust Europe takes you from the Scottish Highlands to endless amber beaches of the Baltic Sea, from the Scandinavian tundra, the majestic peaks of the Alps, the pristine peaks of th..
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“An uncommonly beautiful and wise illumination of both beauty and wisdom. Few scholars write with the open-heartedness and humanity of Nigel McGilchrist; and few travellers can draw upon his extraordinary range and erudition. This is the rare book that opens up a figure who for most of us is just a ..
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Η Κρήτη αποχωρίστηκε από την ηπειρωτική Ελλάδα περίπου πριν 5.000.000 χρόνια. Η απομόνωση αυτή σε συνδυασμό με την ύπαρξη μεγάλων ορεινών όγκων που λειτούργησαν σαν ''βοτανικά νησιά'' μέσα στο ίδιο το νησί, εξηγεί το μεγάλο βαθμό ενδημισμού των φυτών της, αφού σχεδόν το ένα στα δέκα φυτά είναι ενδημ..
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The location of Greece at the meeting-point of three continents, together with the relief of its terrain which includes a multitude of high mountains and hundreds of Κilometres of coastline, has endowed it with a rich flora comprising almost 6,000 different species. This huge number, in relation to ..
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