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The new hiking map of Andros was issued in cooperation with the local society Andros Routes It is a road, hiking and cycling map printed on waterproof and rip proof paper and includes. Legend in 4 languages, Greek, English, German, French, updates on the road network, many new hiking routes and a fu..
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This illumanited geographical globe is a design object with a minimal wooden base. Borders are clearly marked, the sea is in ochre yellow and the globe features historical information showing the routes famous explorers took. 30 cm Antique style globeNatural wooden baseIlluminate..
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An illumanited geographical globe with borders clearly marked, the sea in ochre yellow and historical information showing the routes famous explorers took. It is a beautiful object that will look nicely in every room, with its wooden base and metal arc. 30 cm Antique style globeWalnut coloured,..
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Phaistos is one of the most important Minoan sites, the Asterousia Phaistos map covers the area around the ancient city . Asterousia is a long mountain range south of the plain of Messara in Heraklion. Carved by many gorges, like the Kourtaliotiko Gorge the landscapes is barren and wild especially o..
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Astypalaia [10.49]
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The map of Astypalaia by Anavasi editions in a scale 1:35 000 was done in collaboration with the Municipality of Astypalaia. The glittering Chora with its great Venetian castle impresses but Astypalaia has much more to reveal the interested visitor. 20 routes that have been designed in the framework..
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Central Athens on a handy size street plan, ideal for your city explorations!Locations of the city’s 102 important archaeological sites, museums, and other important buildings, plus on the reverse a road map of the environs including the port at Piraeus and the international airport.Coverage extends..
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A walking map to Mount Athos on the best available scale, 1:30 000 and reprinted in 2019...
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In the new map of Attica and Voiotia, there are 15 suggestions for excursions and walks in the countryside on the outskirts of the metropolis in places that still retain the power to plunge us into the magic of this land. All this on the side of a useful, information-rich and durable to use map...
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A faithful replica compass of 19th century sailors is included in the beautiful packaging...
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Samothraki is known for its natural beauty : turquoise waters and breathtaking landscapes, and for its mythology. This guide unveils yet another facet of the island, its magnificent canyons...
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New edition of the regional map Central Greece - Thessaly - Epirus. A very useful map in the series Topo250, which covers half of mainland Greece, from Konitsa to Katerini in the north and from Messolongi to Thiva in the south. Includes all new motorways (Egnatia, Ionian, Central Greece, Athens-Salo..
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Walking and hiking map to Kefalonia (Cephalonia) on a scale of 1:65.000 on one side, and Ithaca on a scale of 1:25.000 on the other. Kefalonia is well-known for its marvelous beaches. However the island has big mountains and large tracts of unspoiled areas, it is an ideal destina..
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