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A box of 4 hiking maps for all the mountains of Pindos: Agrafa, Gramos-Smolikas, Zagori - Valia Kalda, South Pindos and the road map of Centrel Greece, Thessaly, Epirus...
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The new ADVENTURE ATLAS of Crete by Anavasi in the scale of 1:50 000 is the ultimate tool to discover the island. Plan you adventures in Crete and go hiking, canyoning, climbing, swimming on beautiful beaches, explore abandoned villages, minoan peak sanctuaries, cave-churches, byzantine and ottom..
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Hiking map for Agrafa mountains in a scale 1:50 000 The hiking Agrafa map presents for the first time in one view the entire Agrafa mountain range. The map includes all the areas that develop between Apropotamos and Karpenisi including all the beautiful landscapes of the area such as Lake Plastir..
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Walking map of Aegina at a scale of 1:25000 Aegina is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 27 km (17 mi) from Piraeus. Tradition derives the name from Aegina, the mother of the hero Aeacus, who was born on the island and became its king. Aegina is roughly triangular in..
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Alpine climbing in Greece - Hard cover (Book in greek)..
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Hiking map of Alonissos on a scale of 1:30 000 Alonissos is a green island in the Northern Sporades that is ideal for hiking. A dense network of paths crosses the island from one end to the other. The map captures the island with maximum accuracy with 14 hiking routes. In addition to the paths..
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Climbing areas in and around Athens, such as Likavitos, Tourkovounia, Filopapou, Imitos, Parnitha, Pendeli, Kakia Thalasa and other. For each climbing field orientation maps, orientation maps, sketches of the crags with grading of problems...
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New 2021 hiking map of Astypalaia in a scale of 1:35 000. The map of Astypalaia by Anavasi editions in a scale 1:35 000 was done in collaboration with the Municipality of Astypalaia. The glittering Chora with its great Venetian castle impresses but Astypalaia has much more to reveal the intere..
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A short and practical book that summarizes basic knowledge of mountaineering and climbing by A. Asimakopoulos and G. Voutiropoulos. The basic knowledge of Mountaineering is comprehensively developed in ten chapters that discuss topics such as the mountain environment and its protection, special moun..
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Road and touring map for Attica and Viotia in scale 1:100 000. Attica is a historical region of Greece that has the largest population concentration around the country's capital, Athens. Plains delimited by mountains and a peninsula jutting into the surrounding seas: the Euboean, the Saronic and ..
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Hiking and Road map of Lesvos Island at scale 1:70.000 Lesvos is a gifted island in every respect. The whole island is UNESCO Global Geopark due to its many interesting geological features. The most impressive feature is the fossilized tree trunks due to the past intense volcanic activity. Les..
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