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The second edition of the Aerial photo album of Mani, in the series as the seagull flies, published by ANAVASI is not a simple reissue, but a fresh new book. The new book has more pages and many new photographs, especially of Messenian Mani. The new edition is enriched with texts explaining the part..
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Maximus Globe Relief 30 cm Maximus Globe Relief 30 cm
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Illuminated relief globe that will amaze you with the alternation of physical and political map. When the globe is unlit the map is physical and when the globe is lit each country is coloured differently. It has another unique feature: rotation on both axes, allowing to view the Earth from all ..
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Messinia • touring and road map 1:80.000 Messinia • touring and road map 1:80.000
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Anavasi Road map of the region of Messinia in a scale of 1:80 000. Messinia or Messenia, is the translitteration of Μεσσηνία in Greek. Messinia is a region in the Southwest of the Peloponnese, and its capital is Kalamata. The Ionian Sea ies to the west, the Gulf of Messinia to the south, a..
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Hiking map of Meteora in a scale of 1:10.000The hiking map of Meteora in scale 1:10 000 by Anavasi editions is a world first in the printed cartography with its the three-dimensional depiction. We provide the special glasses and we let wander back you back to Meteora even when you are no longer ther..
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Durable and waterproof, with a handy slipcase and easy-fold format, Lonely Planet’s Milan City Map helps you get around with ease.Get more from your map and your trip with images and information about top city attractions, walking tour routes, transport maps, itinerary suggestions, extensive street..
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Hiking map of Milos, Kimolos & Polyvos islands in a scale of 1:32.000Milos and the archipelago which also includes Kimolos, Polyvos, Erimomilos and smaller islets such as Akradies, Glaronisia etc. belong to the volcanic arc of the southern Aegean. These volcanic islands have an extremely interes..
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I miti che riguardano i 12 dei dell’ Olimpo, gli dei Minori, gli eroi di tutta la Grecia, le loro spedizioni come vengono raccontate dagli antichi greci e declamate dai loro poeti, rivivono in questo libro e fanno viaggiare il lettore in un mondo fantastico. Dei “ forgiati ad immagine e a somiglianz..
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BOOK IN SPANISHThe myths of the twelve gods, the lesser gods, the heroes - both panhellenic and local - and the mythical campaigns, as they were recorded by the ancient Greeks and described by their poets, are brought alive in this book and transport the reader into an enchanted fantasy world. Gods ..
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Hiking map for Monemvasia in a scale of 1:50.000The map covers the easternmost peninsula of the Peloponnese, a region with hilly terrain, many monuments and great natural beauty. Highlights of the area are the fortified city of Monemvasia and the exotic beaches of Elafonisos. Two networks of footpat..
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A short and practical book that summarizes basic knowledge of mountaineering and climbing by A. Asimakopoulos and G. Voutiropoulos. The basic knowledge of Mountaineering is comprehensively developed in ten chapters that discuss topics such as the mountain environment and its protection, special moun..
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