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Sikinos • Hiking map 1:25 000 Sikinos • Hiking map 1:25 000
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Hiking map of Sikinos island in a scale of 1:25 000 Sikinos is one of the lesser known and less touristic Cycladic islands. It is a minimalist canvas with scarce but authentic elements, a truly austere landscape where signs of a just abandoned primitive production system are slowly written out. ..
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When you ski in Greece, you smell the sea breeze. The sea is never too far. The first guide for ski mountaineering in Greece. It includes general instructions and detailed descriptions for routes in 23 mountains on the greek mainland, the Peloponnese, Evia and Crete. In every mountain there is a det..
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Hiking map of Skiathos island in a scale of 1:25.000 Known for its rich vegetation and beautiful coastline, Skiathos as the other two islands of the Sprorades group have many other surprises in store for the traveller. With Anavasi map to guide you, discover the enchanting atmosphere of its m..
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Hiking map of Skopelos island in a scale of 1:25.000 Skopelos is the largest or the Northern Sporadhes group of islands. Its rocky coastline forms innumberable small coves and two large bays. Skopelos offers a number of scenic routes for touring of hiking.  The largest island of the northern S..
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Hiking map of Skyros island in a scale of 1:48.000 More exposed to the winds of the Aegean and less to those that swept away the popular cultures, Skyros is like an ark. Indeed, beside the embroidery, the wood carving, the ceramics, the mettalurgy, the aesthetics and functionality of the Skyrian ..
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Hiking map of South Pindos, Tzoumerka, Peristeri, Koziakas, Avgo  in a scale of 1:50.000 The hiking map of Southern Pindus [3.2/4.2] Peristeri - Kakarditsa - Tzoumerka - Koziakas - Avgo - Tringia. It covers a huge mountainous area that extends between the pass of Katara (and the new Egnatia highw..
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Walking map of Spetses on a scale of 1:12,500 Map of Spetses (Spetsai), Argosaronic island, at a scale of 1: 12 500 on a topographic background with coordinates in EGSA 87 & WGS84, and a plan of the town of Spetses. The map has contours every 4 meters and a light-shaded relief. the road network ..
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Hiking map of Syros island in a scale of 1:25.000 Syros in the Cyclades on light, a waterproof and tear-resistant, contoured and GPS compatible map at 1:20,000 from Anavasi for exploring the island on foot or by car. On the reverse is a street plan of Ermoupoli / Hermoupolis showing various facil..
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Hiking map of Thasos island in a scale of 1:36.000 Thasos island is gifted with natural resources and natural beauty. Forests, mineral wealth, marblesand more recently beaches attracted over time people with basic motive the exploitation of its natural wealth. The scars on the landscape are numer..
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The Cretan Way is a 500 km walking route which takes you from east to west across the varied and spectacular landscapes of Crete. It is the ideal way to discover the rural, mountainous and coastal regions of this incredible island. The Cretan Way is the first ever guidebook for a long-distance hi..
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Hiking map of Tinos island in a scale of 1:26.000 Tinos island landscape is like a hand made embroidery. Rural huts, dovecotes, churches, terraces and villages are woven into a net of trails. The new map of Tinos offers a guided tour to the island's man made countryside through a dozen of hiking ..
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Walking routes in Greece's wild and beautiful northern Pindos mountains Guidebook to 30 walks and 3 treks centred on Zagori and Konitsa in mainland Greece. From easy strolls to demanding hikes along remote mountainous traverses, including the rugged peaks of Mt Timfi and Mt Smolikas in the Pindos r..
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