"No footprints" is the narration of a life full of adventures in the mountains of Greece and the world, in deserts and glaciers, which he gives us as an intangible legacy of his life. A life that from the beginning is closely tied to nature.

Climber, and explorer of all forms of outdoor activity, Christos Lambris made adventure a profession, with Trekking Hellas, at the same time paving the way for the next generation.

What pervades the narratives of Christos Lambris is the composure in the face of difficulties and the passion for life, like when, lying under an avalanche on the slopes of the Himalayas, or in the ICU, ill with covid, he doesn’t give up, he does not even lose his optimism and inspires us with his attitude.

No footprints
Author: Christos Lambris
Editions Anavasi 
pages: 204
photos 220
ISBN: 978-960-9412-83-4