In Parnitha, a stone's throw from Athens, there are many routes ideal for a day trip to nature. Parnitha (or Parnis) is the highest mountain in Attica at 1413 m. It is the natural refuge of the Athenians' contact with nature. Fir forests, ravines and endless bushes, deer and birds are manifestations of the wild nature that is suddenly revealed to us near the big city. Parnitha has been declared an area of ​​special natural beauty. Despite the devastating fires, pines still dominate the lowlands and firs at its highest points as in many Greek mountains with a Mediterranean climate. It is an ideal destination for hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or even to make a snowman with the first snow. These are some selected hiking routes:

Flampouri Ridge in central Parnitha

Fili - Giannoulas Stream - Theodoras Gorge - Fili Fortress

To Pan's Cave and back through Giannoula's stream

Path along Giannoulas water conduit