Anavasi collaborated with Vikos Aoos Geopark to create maps for the geological sights of the area.

Vikos Aoos Geopark is part of the network of global geoparks and combines geology with the environment, sustainable development, culture and tourism. According to UNESCO, these are "single, integrated geographical areas and landscapes of international geological importance in a holistic sense of protection, education and sustainable development". The Geopark uses its cultural and geological heritage to raise awareness of the effects of climate change, while at the same time encouraging sustainable development through geotourism and agricultural activities. Protects the geological resources and geodiversity of our planet.

UNESCO geoparks started in 2001 and there are currently 147 geoparks in 41 countries. Greece, a country with great geological diversity, has five geoparks and is also a member of the European network of geoparks. The five geoparks in Greece are: Helmos, Lesvos, Psiloritis, Sitia and Vikos in Epirus. Millions of years of continuous orogeny have endowed Greece with amazing natural monuments.